2011 Harvard Humanist of the Year: Seth MacFarlane

Gotta hand it to everyone at the Harvard Humanist Chaplaincy — they know how to use that name to their advantage. They got Family Guy and American Dad! creator Seth MacFarlane to accept their Humanist of the Year award on June 14th! June 4th. We are very excited MacFarlane was able to work this exclusive [Read More...]

Celebrity Atheist: Paul Giamatti

Actor Paul Giamatti made a statement affirming his atheism in an interview with the Metro (UK) Are you a religious man? I consider myself an atheist. My wife is Jewish and I’m fine with my son being raised as a Jew. He’s learning Hebrew and is really into it. I will talk to my son [Read More...]

Who Knew This Would Offend People…?

***Update***: The band is now returning the loan and the album is being taken off the shelves: “The product will be withdrawn from the domestic market immediately, and we requested our international partners to withdraw product internationally as well,” Black Box Music’s Ian Stanger said in a statement on Tuesday. … “We understand the band’s [Read More...]

Bible Verse in L.A. Noire

There’s a new video game for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 called L.A. Noire and there’s one particular part of it worth mentioning on this site. You can see the scene play out in the walk-through below — the relevant bit occurs at the 3:40 mark: As Detective Phelps searches through a murder victim’s [Read More...]

Singing About the “Disco Institute”

Musician Andrew Fox has a fantastic new song out called “Disco Institute” — Can you guess the inspiration…? It’s catchy, awesome, and the only party song I’ve ever heard that mocks intelligent Design and the people who perpetuate bad science. Here are a couple excerpts from the lyrics: Shut your mind off, Toss it down [Read More...]