The South Park Creators at TAM5

The creators of South Park, Trey Parker and Matt Stone, appeared at The Amazing Meeting 5 a few years ago. It was the first TAM I attended (until TAM8 this past summer) and it was definitely one of the highlights. So many people can say this, but these guys are heroes to me. JREF had [Read More...]

Interview with Last Comic Standing‘s Myq Kaplan

Myq Kaplan is one clever, funny dude. He finished 5th in the season finale of Last Comic Standing earlier this week. If you need any proof of his appeal to atheists and science/math geeks everywhere, just take a look at these two clips of him in action: [Read more...]

Does He Lead a Triple Life?

It’s summer and I’m home. Don’t judge me. I was watching an old episode of True Life on MTV and the episode was about people who lead double lives. One of the subjects was Mitch, a 22-year-old who is an “adult filmmaker with two girlfriends.” The girls don’t know about each other — or what [Read More...]

Phil Plait’s Bad Universe

So this is the secret Phil Plait has been hiding from us this whole time… That looks all sorts of awesome. Massive congrats to Phil on this — can you imagine a viewing block of this + Mythbusters? Nerdgasms will erupt everywhere. (via Skepchick) [Read more...]

For Those of You Attending Comic-Con…

Fred Phelps’ Westboro Baptist Church will be picketing outside Comic-Con in San Diego Thursday afternoon from 1:15 -2:00 p.m. You may be asking: Why? Are you kidding?! If these people would spend even some of the energy that they spend on these comic books, reading the Bible, well no high hopes here. They have turned [Read More...]