Ricky Gervais Thanks God for Making Him an Atheist at the Golden Globes

If you caught the ending of the Golden Globes tonights, then you heard an amusing closing line from host Ricky Gervais: “… And thank you to god for making me an atheist.” I wonder how many god jokes he had planned for the rest of the broadcast that they made him cut out… I like [Read More...]

Another Song Ruined By Jesus…

Looks like there’s a Christian version of “Tik Tok” by Ke$ha: I’m talkin’ going to Mass on Sunday, Totally Catholic partay, it’s happenin’ in the liturgy. Drop down, I’m kneeling before the mighty King Telling Him He’s my everything. Listen up, Church, we’re gonna sing. … Our God really rocks, yeah, He ticks the devil [Read More...]

Jesus and a Flamenco Singer

Reader Likundu was in San Fernando (Spain) and took a picture of a tile mosaic on the wall of an old building. On it were two well-known figures: On the left? Flamenco singer Camarón de la Isla. On the right? Jesus Nazareno. Not just Jesus, mind you, but Jesus Nazareno, a wooden sculpture that people [Read More...]

The Importance of Failure

During The Amazing Meeting 7 (in 2009), Adam Savage from Mythbusters spoke about the importance of his failures and how they shaped him. JREF has now put the video online: Any particular timestamps you’d recommend watching? … If you’re a JREF supporter, by the way, they’re currently in the middle of a fundraising drive called [Read More...]

G6 Christ…

***Update***: The Jesus version of the song was made by a comedy troupe called Totally Sketch, not a Christian one as I implied below. My mistake. But would you really have been that surprised if Christians made the Jesus version…? … The band Far East Movement recently had a hit song called “Like a G6.” [Read More...]