GOP Rep. Steve King’s 2018 Challenger is a Democrat Who Once Ran a Psychic Network

Would you vote for a Democratic candidate who once ran a psychic network? She admits it was all fake now, but what does that say about her ethics?


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Your Knick-Knacks Can Give Demons the “Legal Right” To Do Demon Stuff To You

According to ex-New Age blogger and current demon legal scholar Steven Bancarz, objects in your home can give demons the legal right to hang out there. Because logic.


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A Paranormal Investigator Describes Her Journey from Believing in Ghosts to Accepting Science

“I would love to tell you that nine times out of 10, science wins, saves the day, it’s all explained.

That’s not true. The truth is, 10 times out of 10, science wins, it saves the day.”


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Dr. Gwyneth Paltrow Now Hawking Magic Vitamins For a Condition That Doesn’t Exist

The vitamins were developed with the help of Dr. Alejandro Junger, the kind of guy who appears on Dr. Oz all the time and thinks cleanses cure pretty much everything.


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Peter Popoff, the Money-Grubbing Faith-Healing Televangelist, Is Still Up To His Old Tricks

Peter Popoff’s career has been dedicated to convincing people everything will be okay — or that it could be, if only they coughed up a good bit of cash. Despite the skeptics routinely debunking his tactics, he’s still at it, and he’s richer than ever.


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