Here’s What Really Going On in That Photo of a “Floating Spirit” After a Fatal Motorcycle Accident

On Tuesday, Saul Vazquez, a Kentucky truck driver, saw a motorcycle accident on the highway, took a picture, and posted it on Facebook. It’s gone viral over the past couple of days because of what some people think is a dead man’s “spirit” floating up to Heaven (between the two ambulances):


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Prosecutors Appeal Light Sentences Given to Canadian Parents Who Let Their Child Die of Meningitis

Last week, a Canadian couple — David Stephan and wife Collet Stephan — received an obscenely lenient sentence despite allowing their 19-month-old son to die from a preventable disease. The prosecutors, clearly shocked by the minimal punishment, are now filing an appeal against the sentences, saying the couple deserved something much worse.


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Parents Who Killed Child By Treating His Meningitis with Maple Syrup Get Super-Lenient Sentences

In March of 2012, 19-month-old Ezekiel Stephan died of meningitis — a disease involving the inflammation of the membranes surrounding your brain and spinal cord. Very serious problem. The condition can sometimes be treated with antibiotics or antiviral drugs, but even then, it’s a long shot for full recovery.

What’s appalling is what his parents did as he was suffering.


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Former Naturopathic Doctor: “I Can No Longer Disregard the Inconvenient Fact That I Was a Quack”

Britt Marie Hermes, a former naturopathic doctor who realized she worked in a sham field, is now doing everything she can to help others avoid her mistake.


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Want To Know Your Future? In India, a Little Birdie Tells You

In India’s Tamil Nadu state, men with trained parakeets happily take bird-brained patrons’ money. The parakeets are supposed to tell people’s futures by selecting Tarot-like fortune cards containing pictures of Hindu gods, Buddha, Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and so on.

The Atlantic has a short film about the generations-old phenomenon.


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