Charlie Sheen Disputes “HIV Cure” Doctor’s Claims

Last Friday, Bill Maher chucked his Skeptic card right out the window (again). He invited Dr. Sam Chachoua on his show to discuss how milk from arthritic goats can cure HIV.


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Doctor Says His Bible-Based Program Will Change Your Body Chemistry and Prevent Chronic Disease

Got health problems? Well, I’ve got good news, friend. Behavioral cardiologist Dr. James Marcum has discovered (and written about) the “Ultimate Prescription” for good health. The founder of Heartwise Ministries doesn’t just have the ultimate prescription… it’s also the biblical prescription. It’s a new program he’s developed, with a free kick-off event taking place in Chattanooga at the end of this month.

See? I knew it. You’re sold already. And you haven’t even listened to the promotional video yet:


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Hollywood “Medium” Tyler Henry, Whose Show Premieres Sunday, Wants to Specialize in Suicide Victims

This Sunday, E! will premiere a new show about a “psychic” who helps Hollywood stars get in touch with their dead relatives. (Because why lie to gullible strangers when you can lie to gullible celebrities?)

But to make the charade work, you need someone young, attractive, and fully convinced of his own “gift.”

That someone is 20-year-old Tyler Henry, who’s already getting the Dr. Phil treatment:


Susan Gerbic, at Skeptical Inquirer, is especially frustrated that Henry plans to specialize (my word, not his) in suicides:

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Somehow, a Kickstarter Project to Protect You from Spooky “Signals” is Nearing Its Funding Goal

Have you ever heard how signals are harmful?

What signals, you ask? All sorts of signals. Wi-fi signals. Microwave signals. Cell phone signals. Electromagnetic waves. They’re evil.

Have you ever thought to yourself, “I wish I had a shield to protect me”?

Well, you haven’t, because you know that’d be a bullshit claim.

But a lot of gullible people have, and someone’s trying to take advantage of them on Kickstarter, where two guys who won’t even tell you their names have already raised more than $13,000 of their $20,000 goal to create “Shield: The World’s First Signal Proof Headwear“:

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Study Shows That People Find Fake Deepak Chopra Quotations “Profound”

Sure, we joked about it. We made memes about it. But in a shocking new development, scientists have confirmed… it’s true.

People really do think that randomly generated words strung together by the Wisdom of Chopra word generator are profound.

A new study in the November issue of the journal Judgment and Decision Making called “On the reception and detection of pseudo-profound bullshit” has been published by a team largely from the University of Waterloo’s Department of Psychology, led by Gordon Pennycook. The paper, which the authors cheekily acknowledge “may not be truly profound, [but] is indeed meaningful,” is a wry but serious analysis of four well-executed studies funded by the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada.

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