Father Who Let His Child Die of Meningitis is Once Again Promoting Harmful Alternative Medicine

David Stephan, a father who let his son die from a preventable disease and received a mere four months in prison, is already back on the road telling people all about the health benefits of alternative medicine, doing whatever he can to make sure other kids suffer like his own.


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The Governor of Massachusetts Should Veto a Bill Legitimizing Pseudoscience

Should the state of Massachusetts give a seal of approval to witch doctors who claim that the eye of a newt can cure cancer? How about lending credibility to homeopaths who say that diluted sugar water can heal your strep throat? What’s actually happening isn’t much different.


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Rapper Azealia Banks Slaughtered Chickens in Her Closet for Three Years As a Form of Witchcraft

Hip-hop artist Azealia Banks has once again shown the world that critical thinking isn’t one of her strong suits. She posted a video to Instagram on Thursday in which she revealed that her closet was full of the bloody remains of dead chickens, because she had been sacrificing them for the past three years.


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Rwandan Soccer League Bans Witchcraft… For Some Reason

Rwanda’s long national nightmare is finally over: Witchcraft has been banned from soccer matches.


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Texas Billboard Tells Parents a Dangerous Lie: “Vaccines Can Cause Autism”

Reader Bradlee was driving through Amarillo, Texas, when he saw this disturbing billboard saying “Vaccines can cause autism” (subtitle: “Choose Intelligent Design”).


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