Canadian Homeopaths Tell Parents to Give Their Babies Sugar Pills as an Alternative to Vaccines

CBC’s Marketplace, an investigative consumer program in Canada, ran a wonderful (and disturbing) report on what homeopaths are telling parents to do in lieu of vaccinating their children. We know what they said because Marketplace had mothers visit these homeopaths with a hidden camera in tow.

Turns out the “doctors” are spreading Jenny McCarthy-style misinformation (like telling them that measles is virtually harmless for children over the age of one) and telling parents to give their infants sugar pills as an alternative to vaccines.

One of the graphics in the segment even made clear how much of an active ingredient was in those sugar pills:

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A “Real” Psychic Tells Us How to Spot a Faker

If anyone asked me how to spot a fake psychic, I’d probably say “Go find me a psychic.”

Easy enough, right?

Well, Daily Mail Australia asked self-described psychic and real-name-user Sharina Star the same question… and she had a somewhat longer answer.

She told the paper that she’s been “open to the spiritual world” since she survived a horrible abduction at the age of 10 that left her beaten and left to die. Sad stuff, and she has my deepest sympathy for what she went through… but it doesn’t mean we can’t criticize the fact that she’s chosen to manipulate and scam who-knows-how-many people.

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New Zealand Church Has a “Bleach-Based” Cure for Ebola; Experts Say It’s Potentially Fatal

What is up with New Zealand? Despite more than 39% of its population professing no religion, the promotion of bullshit seems like it’s at an all-time high.

Earlier this year, we learned of a church selling olive oil as a cure for everything, from mental illness to marital woes.

Now, a different church is promising to cure everything, including Ebola, with a “bleach-based solution that medical experts have slammed as being potentially fatal.”

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“Psychic” Sally Morgan Fires Family Members After Video Surfaces of Them Threatening a Skeptic Outside Her Show

Just a couple of days ago, I posted about how people close to Sally Morgan (a.k.a. Psychic Sally) threatened a skeptic who was warning people about how her tricks work outside her shows. To recap, she is one of those people who claims to have the ability to speak to the dead (a la John Edward). And, for a price, she’ll speak to your deceased loved ones.

Mark Tilbrook sees her as a con artist who takes money from vulnerable people despite having no supernatural powers whatsoever. So he has stood outside the performance center at some of her recent events, handing out leaflets like the one below, urging audience members to keep their minds open and to be on the lookout for telltale signs that nobody is “crossing over” at all:

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So Far This Year in London, There Have Been 27 Cases of “Witchcraft”-Related Child Abuse

Fourteen years ago, London’s Metropolitan Police recorded its first case of abuse stemming from accusations of witchcraft against a child. This year so far, it has recorded 27.

The majority of these cases spring from a fundamentalist interpretation of Christianity, blended with other supernatural concepts. NBC News reports:

Most of the cases involve pastors or religious leaders in African communities who have incorporated elements of witchcraft or spirit possession into their version of fundamentalist Christianity. These beliefs are widely held in countries such as the Democratic Republic of Congo…

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