Far From Being Useless, One Brand of Homeopathic Medicine Allegedly “Harmed Hundreds of Babies”

There’s a belief among skeptics that homeopathic “medicine” — which dilutes an active ingredient until it’s basically non-existent — is useless. At worst, it doesn’t do anything to cure whatever ailment you have.

That’s not true.


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A Fake Psychic Was Punished for Posing As a “Real” Psychic

Your irony meters are about to explode.


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New Documents Show the CIA Once Believed Mentalist Uri Geller Really Had Special Psychic Powers

According to newly released documents that the CIA just declassified, federal agents once thought mentalist Uri Geller really had supernatural powers.


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Uh-Oh! Gwyneth Paltrow Is Dispensing Terrible Vagina Advice Again!

Gwyneth Paltrow wants you to stick a jade egg up your vagina.


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Father Who Let His Child Die of Meningitis is Once Again Promoting Harmful Alternative Medicine

David Stephan, a father who let his son die from a preventable disease and received a mere four months in prison, is already back on the road telling people all about the health benefits of alternative medicine, doing whatever he can to make sure other kids suffer like his own.


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