Lottery Winner Credits Psychic and Lucky Store and Make It Stop My Brain Hurts

You know what I hate about the lottery?

The winners never say, “I randomly won!”

They always have some “magic trick” that gave them an edge. Maybe they used the birth dates of loved ones. Maybe they prayed. Maybe they played their lucky numbers. None of that has anything to do with the numbers that were pulled, but it lends credibility to those bullshit ideas.

That’s why reading about what happened to Kevin Millard is infuriating. He took the least rational route to playing the lottery… and was rewarded for his ignorance.

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A “Spiritual Medium” Reveals a Secret

The truth comes out! And it’s just what we always suspected…

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Chopra Watch: A BS Sandwich of Astrology, Primordial Vibrations, and Spirit Math

Luckily for you, I receive Deepak Chopra‘s “Chopra Centered Lifestyle Newsletter” -– how’s that title for narcissism? — so you don’t have to. (You’re welcome.)

Yesterday, Chopra alerted me to go read about the power of Primordial Sound Meditation, written by “The Editors at”:

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Dozens of Homeopathy Conference Attendees End Up in Hospital After Taking Actual Drug

The headline may be humorous, but the actual situation is devastating.

At an alternative medicine conference in Hamburg, Germany over the weekend, 29 people ended up in a hospital after taking a very real, very potent drug:

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Faith-Healer Adam Miller May Reopen Lawsuit Against YouTuber Who Called Him Out on His Claims

Remember faith-healer Adam Miller? He’s the guy who claims to be able to cure cancer, spinal injuries, poisoning, and AIDS. When YouTuber Stephanie Guttormson called him out on it last year, Miller sued.

He later dismissed his own motion but left the door open to sue again in the future.

After all that went down, I thought it was the last time we’d hear from him… but it looks like’s he back and has a brand new website.

And wouldn’t you know it, there’s a whole page dedicated to Guttormson and “Battling Evil (Cyber Bullies)”:

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