Psychic Injured in Freak Accident “Didn’t Foresee It Happening” (But His Tour Will Go On)

A self-proclaimed psychic who was involved in a freak accident a couple of weeks ago is close to a full recovery.

But it raises an interesting question: If he missed something that obvious, why should anyone take his predictions seriously?


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Psychic Who “Speaks” to Unborn Babies Gets Glowing Coverage on Houston “News” Channel

This story about a psychic who “speaks” to the unborn is nothing but a fluff piece masquerading as news.


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Why a Psychic Reading Shouldn’t Make You Question Your Atheism

An atheist writer says a psychic reading caused her to question her non-belief.

But maybe that’s because she wasn’t being a skeptic around someone telling her what she wanted to hear.


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FDA Issues Warnings to 14 Companies Selling Products That Fraudulently Claim to Treat Cancer

People who buy these products are wasting their money and getting nothing substantive in return, while possibly ignoring the informed opinions of doctors who actually understand the disease.


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GOP Rep. Steve King’s 2018 Challenger is a Democrat Who Once Ran a Psychic Network

Would you vote for a Democratic candidate who once ran a psychic network? She admits it was all fake now, but what does that say about her ethics?


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