People Are So Desperate to Remove Donald Trump From Office That They’re Resorting To Witchcraft

When singer Lana Del Rey tweeted this odd message on Thursday, it looked like a cryptic promotion for a future album.

If only.

It turns out she was talking about how witchcraft would remove Donald Trump from office.


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This $73 Magical Cup Promises To Do… Something… To Your Water

Hey! Do you have some money you’d like to set on fire? Consider buying this $73 dollar mug that claims to make your water crystals prettier!

The 21th century, y'all.

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Far From Being Useless, One Brand of Homeopathic Medicine Allegedly “Harmed Hundreds of Babies”

There’s a belief among skeptics that homeopathic “medicine” — which dilutes an active ingredient until it’s basically non-existent — is useless. At worst, it doesn’t do anything to cure whatever ailment you have.

That’s not true.


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A Fake Psychic Was Punished for Posing As a “Real” Psychic

Your irony meters are about to explode.


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New Documents Show the CIA Once Believed Mentalist Uri Geller Really Had Special Psychic Powers

According to newly released documents that the CIA just declassified, federal agents once thought mentalist Uri Geller really had supernatural powers.


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