Woman Asks Psychics to Connect With a Dead Sister Who Never Existed… and (Surprise!) They All Do

Vice‘s Jackie Hong performed a simple experiment to test the claims of several psychics in Toronto: She conjured up a fake sister (“Emily”) who died of a car crash and asked the psychics to connect with her.

Of course, they all managed to do it. (Amazing, right?)

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“Psychic” Arrested After Duping Lovesick Man Out of $700,000

Every time we post about psychics, there’s inevitably a reader who wonders why we make such a big deal about it. It’s just entertainment. No one takes it seriously. Why treat it like such a horrible thing?

Because psychics know damn well they have no power, yet their consciences allow them to take money from gullible, desperate people.

Like an unnamed Brooklyn man whose girlfriend died a couple of years ago. He was distraught and went to psychic Cristina Alvarez (real name: Pricilla Delmaro) for help. She charged him $2,500 at the time. When he willingly gave her the money, she knew she could extract more.

Ultimately, she cheated him out of $700,000. The reason we know this is because she just got caught:

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Australian Medical Group Slams Homeopathy, Saying It’s “Not Effective and Should Not Be Prescribed”

I don’t know what prompted them to do it now, but this is a very encouraging statement from an established medical organization:

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Child in Spain Diagnosed with Diphtheria Because His Parents Didn’t Vaccinate Him

It’s bad enough when people don’t get vaccinated because they believe in pseudoscience. But when the vaccines are free and you’re putting your children at risk, it’s completely irresponsible:

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12 Reasons We Know Astrology Doesn’t Work

The video below, part of The Atheist Voice series, discusses 12 reasons we know astrology doesn’t work.

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