Your “Detox” Diet is a Sham

New rule: If you can’t name the toxin you’re trying to “detox” from, don’t waste your time or money on products that promise to cleanse your body.


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Podcast Ep. 126: Britt Marie Hermes, Naturopathy Apostate

Our latest podcast guest is Britt Marie Hermes, a former naturopathic doctor who now speaks out about the pseudoscientific ideology.


Hermes is currently obtaining her Master of Science degree at the University of Kiel. Since her departure from her previous career, she has been working to understand her former biases within naturopathic medicine. She hopes her stories will protect patients from the false beliefs and bogus treatments sold by alternative medicine practitioners.

We spoke about how she went from studying naturopathic medicine to fighting against it, what caused her to change her mind, and what she would say to patients who reject western medicine.

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A Former Employee of Miss Cleo’s Psychic Network Reveals the Scam from the Inside

Bennett Madison used to work for the “Psychic Readers Network,” best known as the company Miss Cleo always wanted you to call. In an essay for the New York Times, she talks about why she did it and how having supernatural powers wasn’t a prerequisite for the job.


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Your Eyes Will Roll When You Hear Deepak Chopra Describe His Latest Business Venture

Deepak Chopra‘s latest business venture, which he’s announcing today, is a collaboration with a company that creates hologram humans to lead in-person seminars. Because Skype isn’t fancy enough for some people…

But listen to Chopra play up his new gimmick as the sort of innovation that will change the world.


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Should Pediatricians Turn Away Parents Who Don’t Vaccinate Their Kids?

What should pediatricians do with parents who refuse to vaccinate their children? Should they refuse to treat the kids, further punishing the victims for their ignorant parents, or should they do their jobs while reminding the parents of why vaccinations are so important, trying to walk them away from the ledge of conspiracy theories?


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