Psychic Medium: If Atheists Tell Suicidal People Not to Speak to Me, Blood is on Their Hands

Christine Pavlina is a psychic medium who, like everyone else in that world, claims to have the ability to talk to dead people. She has no evidence to back this up, of course, but that’s never stopped people like her from making money off of gullible, grieving people.

In a video released yesterday, Pavlina attempted to respond to some of the arguments offered by atheist critics.

But her first rebuttal shows you just how futile that’s going to be. As if it’s a settled science, she explains: “A Higher Power does exist. Period. End of story. It’s the truth. It’s the light. It’s not debatable. It’s not up for discussion. And it’s not up for opinion. This is a fact.”

It gets much worse at the 7:44 mark:


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A Researcher Reviewed 176 Studies on Homeopathy and Found It To Be a “Therapeutic Dead-End”

Last year, researchers for Australia’s National Health and Medical Research Council concluded that homeopathy was not a reliable means of medical treatment. The chair of that effort, Professor Paul Glasziou, revisited the topic in a blog post in which he takes aim at some of the homeopathy supporters who have objected to his team’s work.


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The Clouds Are Trying to Tell You Something, Says “Psychic”

From “psychic medium” James van Praagh comes this revelation pulled straight out of his ass:


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Charlie Sheen Disputes “HIV Cure” Doctor’s Claims

Last Friday, Bill Maher chucked his Skeptic card right out the window (again). He invited Dr. Sam Chachoua on his show to discuss how milk from arthritic goats can cure HIV.


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Doctor Says His Bible-Based Program Will Change Your Body Chemistry and Prevent Chronic Disease

Got health problems? Well, I’ve got good news, friend. Behavioral cardiologist Dr. James Marcum has discovered (and written about) the “Ultimate Prescription” for good health. The founder of Heartwise Ministries doesn’t just have the ultimate prescription… it’s also the biblical prescription. It’s a new program he’s developed, with a free kick-off event taking place in Chattanooga at the end of this month.

See? I knew it. You’re sold already. And you haven’t even listened to the promotional video yet:


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