Iraqi Army Using… Dowsing Rods?!

This post is by Jesse Galef – If you ever wanted a find situation desperately in need of more skepticism (and who hasn’t?), look no further: The Iraqi army is spending $16,500 to $60,000 per dowsing rod and trying to use them to detect explosives. This foolishness is not only a vast waste of money [Read More...]

Homeopathy in Comic Strip Form

This explains homeopathy beautifully: It’s still funnier than Garfield. (via Luke Surl Comics) [Read more...]

You Don’t Always Need to Be Fair and Balanced

Dan Gilgoff of U.S. News and the God & Country blog recently wrote about Ray Comfort‘s attempt to smuggle Creationism into a bastardized version of On the Origin of Species. I don’t mind that he’s reporting on that non-story, because there’s an appeal to that story from both sides of that fence — the people [Read More...]

Walk Off Home Run

This post is by Jesse Galef – Two days ago, Hemant posted the interview in which Scientologist spokesman Tommy Davis walked off set instead of answering a question about his belief. We can criticize him for being unwilling to admit his own beliefs, but it’s not as if he’ll suffer much. His stunt has gotten [Read More...]

Animal Sacrifices Before the 2010 World Cup?

I don’t know whether I’m more offended as a vegetarian or as someone who is anti-superstition. The 2010 World Cup — arguably the biggest sporting event in the world — is set to take place in South Africa. So what are South African leaders doing to prepare the stadiums for competition? South African traditional leaders [Read More...]