There’s Finally Someone with Less Credibility Than a Self-Proclaimed Psychic

I didn’t know “Christian psychics”¬†were a thing… until I saw this:


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Tyler Henry Says He’s a “Skeptical Psychic” Because “Anybody Can Tell You Your Loved One Loves You”

Tyler Henry is the 20-year-old “medium” whose show on E! is all about his outreach to Hollywood celebrities, helping them “connect” with their dead relatives. What makes him particularly annoying isn’t just that he believes he has a “gift” (which he doesn’t); it’s that he considers himself above other con artists. As if he’s bringing something new and refreshing to the table.

This past week, Henry spoke with actor DJ Qualls and told him he should be skeptical of other “psychics” because, you know, “anybody can tell you your loved one loves you.”

The irony was lost on him.

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Gwyneth Paltrow is Now Promoting Skincare Products That Have Been Meditated Over

Last year, we wrote about actress Gwyneth Paltrow because she was promoting the idea of women getting their vaginas steam-cleaned to balance their hormone levels. (As everyone who knows things pointed out, the procedure won’t accomplish anything.)


Now she’s back with even more pseudo-science. The latest Goop newsletter promotes a skincare product that supposedly works because it’s “treated to extensive prayer, meditation, and music before ever appearing on shelves.”

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The Alphabet of Alternative Medicine

At Gizmodo, Bryan Menegus has an excellent “A-to-Z Guide to Bullshit Alternative Medicine” — which, let’s admit, is a redundant title. As the joke goes, what do you call alternative medicine that works? Medicine.

Still, it’s a lengthy list of things way too many people believe are miracle cures.

I won’t even tell you what this woman’s drinking:


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Psychic Medium: If Atheists Tell Suicidal People Not to Speak to Me, Blood is on Their Hands

Christine Pavlina is a psychic medium who, like everyone else in that world, claims to have the ability to talk to dead people. She has no evidence to back this up, of course, but that’s never stopped people like her from making money off of gullible, grieving people.

In a video released yesterday, Pavlina attempted to respond to some of the arguments offered by atheist critics.

But her first rebuttal shows you just how futile that’s going to be. As if it’s a settled science, she explains: “A Higher Power does exist. Period. End of story. It’s the truth. It’s the light. It’s not debatable. It’s not up for discussion. And it’s not up for opinion. This is a fact.”

It gets much worse at the 7:44 mark:


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