A Utah Woman Is Running a “Christ-Centered Energy Healing” Business To Cure You of Your Money

How do you take ineffective alternative medicine and make it even more useless? Throw some Jesus into it.

That’s what Tammy Ward is doing with her “Christ-centered energy healing” business, and it’ll cost you.


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Oregon Citizens Fight Astrology Class, Saying It Will Lead to Skinning Cats and Sacrificing Babies

In Canyonville, Oregon, a woman is asking the City Council to repeal an old ordinance so that she can teach a class in astrology. But residents complain that a repeal could lead to Satanism… which apparently means skinning cats and sacrificing babies.


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“Psychic” Uri Geller: Donald Trump Will Win the Election Because He Has 11 Letters in His Name

Uri Geller, the self-proclaimed paranormalist, wants you to know that Donald Trump will win the election. And he has airtight proof: Trump has 11 letters in his name.


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A Former Atheist Leader Now Runs a Crazy Flat Earth-Promoting Website

Reader VZ was getting some groceries in Pennsylvania when he saw this gem in the parking lot. That glorious vehicle says “YHWHsFlatEarth.com” along with “✅MATE atheist.” It also claims that the website has “200 PROOFS EARTH NOT A GLOBE.”


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Your “Detox” Diet is a Sham

New rule: If you can’t name the toxin you’re trying to “detox” from, don’t waste your time or money on products that promise to cleanse your body.


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