A Bus Ad with False Advertising

Adnan Oktar (a.k.a. Harun Yahya), the Islamic Creationist nut, has put up bus ads in London that read “Modern Science Demonstrates That GOD EXISTS” — the ad includes his picture and a link to his clearly-hasn’t-been-updated-since-1998 website: Somehow, I don’t think the ad will gather anywhere close to the level of traction or publicity that [Read More…]

This Movie’s in the Correct Category…

Reader Matthew points out that iTunes is currently selling Ben Stein‘s anti-evolution propaganda movie Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed for $4.99 as part of its “Back-to-School” sale… … and they’ve categorized it under Comedy Well, I suppose it is a mindless film that had a lot of people laughing afterwards… [Read more…]

They Do It So You Don’t Have To

Ross Blocher and Carrie Poppy have an excellent podcast in which they try out all the skeptical things you always hear about. In recent months, they’ve gotten ear-candled, visited a Sikh Gurdwara, and — this is impressive — gone through five months’ worth of classes in order to become official Mormons. In Part 1, your [Read More…]

JREF to Appear on ABC’s Primetime Nightline

Wednesday night’s Primetime Nightline on ABC will focus on “psychic abilities.” Besides interviewing “psychics” like James Van Praagh, though, ABC producers also spoke with the folks at JREF — James Randi, DJ Grothe, Banachek, and Jamy Ian Swiss. Smart move. They also taped the “first-ever open Million Dollar Challenge event where hundreds of New York [Read More…]

You Didn’t Have An Out-Of-Body Experience

While I was gone last week, Nightline ran a segment about out-of-body experiences and Bob Woodruff interviewed atheist superwoman Margaret Downey for a perspective that doesn’t involve the supernatural. She sets him straight about why those visions occur, politely counters when he brings up his own memories of a “spiritual experience,” and generally comes off [Read More…]