Ken Ham : Buddhist Temple :: Rationalists : Creation Museum

The pot meets the kettle again. The Creation Museum’s founder Ken Ham has been visiting Japan this past week. He made a trip to a Buddhist temple, and it’s very strange to see him discussing the faith. He sounds remarkably like the rest of us do when visiting his museum…: We were able to visit [Read More...]

A Creationist Zoo in the UK

We know what the Creation Museum in Kentucky is like… but what about Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm in the UK? … the zoo’s owner Anthony Bush seems in no doubt that there is a moral, didactic purpose to the enterprise. “From the outside, our farm is not overtly Christian,” he once told the Church Times. [Read More...]

Article About James Randi and JREF

***Update***: A few changes have been made to this posting since I first put it up. … Here’s an extensive article about James Randi and JREF, courtesy of Michael J. Mooney of The Riverfront Times, an alternative newspaper in St. Louis. The highlight of the weekend for most of the skeptics here is the chance [Read More...]

Creation Science 101 (The Atheist Vloggers Edition)

You may remember Roy Zimmerman‘s fantastic song “Creation Science 101″: Now, several atheist vloggers on YouTube have joined together to cover the song: I love it! (Thanks to Jeff for the link!) [Read more...]

Should Psychics Be Banned?

I’m conflicted here. We already know psychics are frauds, but should the government ban the practice of fortune-tellers? It’s hard to know when we should prevent people from making claims about the future. Where does one draw a line between horoscope writers and pastors who claim that God knows your future? At least commercials for [Read More...]