Homeopathic College Rings NASDAQ Bell

I know the NASDAQ Stock Market bell is often rung by celebrities (so much for taking it seriously), but why are they lending any sort of credibility to the American Medical College of Homeopathy? I know the stock market has problems, but giving the honor to a group that profits off of ignorance and pseudoscience [Read More…]

Teenage Con Artist: God Told Me To Charge You $150

Brian Scibetta thinks he can talk to god, ask him questions, get the answers, and tell you what he said… for the low, low price of $150/hour. He says god told him to charge that amount. I don’t know where to focus my rage: At Brian, who’s (knowingly or unknowingly) conning people; his customers, who [Read More…]

Indian Skeptics Offer Reward for Proof of the Paranormal

The leaders of the Humanist Rationalist Association, Godhra (in India) want to show that black magic and ghosts are non-existent, so they’re offering a pretty sizable reward for anyone who can offer proof that those things are real. It’s their version of James Randi‘s $1,000,000 Paranormal Challenge: This year, the group has thrown a challenge [Read More…]

Well, That Explains It

He should’ve known better than to go with the homeopathic deodorant: (via Toothpaste for Dinner) [Read more…]

My Day at a Casey Luskin Lecture

This is a guest post by Jamie Bernstein. Jamie is a graduate student in public policy at the University of Chicago. She previously posted about her day at an anti-vaccination rally. Matt Lowry is referenced in the posting and you can read his take on the event here. … When I found out Casey Luskin [Read More…]