Science Defender Gets Sued By Doctor’s Data

Dr. Stephen Barrett has been a longtime force for good with his website Quackwatch. If there’s alternative medicine or pseudoscientific theories that need debunking, he’s always been on top of it. I remember first coming across it nearly a decade ago and it’s the first place I go to when I want to learn more [Read More…]

Homeopathy Humor

It’s from a couple months ago, but I only saw it now… and it amused me (via Rational Moms) [Read more…]

Don’t Forget About the Creation Museum

As a member of the Secular Student Alliance‘s board of directors last year, Phil Ferguson pounced on an opportunity to have PZ Myers lead a tour through the Creation Museum. It was one of the more publicized things we’ve ever done at the SSA, and the reactions all over the blogosphere were incredible. There were [Read More…]

Want a Job as a Psychic?

There’s a new “psychic” company starting up and they’re currently looking for “gifted psychics who have prior experience”… I should apply. I once said the Cubs were going to win a baseball game… and they did! I have a gift. So do all of you. You could make some decent money, too: Generous hourly rates [Read More…]

Homeopathic Medicine is an Oxymoron

Next week, the British Medical Association may “lobby for homoeopathy to be banned from the UK National Health Service.” It’s a long overdue move. Homeopathic medicine is nothing but a placebo that gullible people choose to take. The government shouldn’t be paying for their delusional thinking. Pratik Kanjilal writes in the Hindustan Times that this [Read More…]