Citizens of Oregon Town Now Free To Pretend They Have Magic Powers

Congratulations, residents of Canyonville, Oregon! You are now just as free as everyone else in this country to open up shop and start making suckers out of anyone willing to believe you have magic powers.


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Not a Single Psychic in the World Came Close To Guessing a Dead Man’s Secret Message

Editors of a Norwegian TV show asked a man dying of cancer to write a secret message on a piece of paper, seal it in an envelope, and put it in a safe. They wanted to know if any psychic who claims to have a connection to the “other side” could tell us what his note said.


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Food and Drug Administration: Homeopathic Teething Products May Harm Babies

The Food and Drug Administration is warning parents against buying homeopathic teething remedies that claim to ease your baby’s pain while teething. In fact, they recently announced that such tablets could be harmful to infants:


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Donald Trump’s Foundation Gave $10,000 to Jenny McCarthy’s Anti-Vax Group, Say Reports

We posted earlier this week about how Jenny McCarthy‘s organization, Generation Rescue, was sponsoring an Autism Education Summit this weekend in Dallas, Texas. It’s a weekend dedicated to spouting the myth that vaccines lead to autism, a view that has spread in large part due to McCarthy and her friends. The conference also pushes a lot of unproven, untested “cures” for autism — which also adds to the stigma that autism is something that needs curing.

I thought that was all appalling enough. But leave it to Donald Trump to add another awful wrinkle to the story.


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Jenny McCarthy is Leading an “Autism Education Summit” This Weekend With Many Other Anti-Vaxxers

The Autism Education Summit takes place this weekend in Dallas, Texas.

And one of the keynote panelists is Jenny McCarthy.



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