Jenny McCarthy is Leading an “Autism Education Summit” This Weekend With Many Other Anti-Vaxxers

The Autism Education Summit takes place this weekend in Dallas, Texas.

And one of the keynote panelists is Jenny McCarthy.



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Deepak Chopra Slams Donald Trump for Not Having a “Fact-Based View of Reality.” Seriously.

In an essay for the San Francisco Chronicle, Deepak Chopra, best known for making himself wealthy by selling a steady diet of pseudoscience and large words, basically accuses Donald Trump of being a giant phony.

Someone get me a pot and a kettle so I can make a point.


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Some Latinos, Fearing a Donald Trump Presidency, Are Turning to Psychics for Comfort

People often visit psychics, tarot card readers, and other pseudoscience peddlers when they’re depressed or in need of answers. For Latinos right now, that means consulting with fortune tellers about a potential Donald Trump victory.


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A Utah Woman Is Running a “Christ-Centered Energy Healing” Business To Cure You of Your Money

How do you take ineffective alternative medicine and make it even more useless? Throw some Jesus into it.

That’s what Tammy Ward is doing with her “Christ-centered energy healing” business, and it’ll cost you.


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Oregon Citizens Fight Astrology Class, Saying It Will Lead to Skinning Cats and Sacrificing Babies

In Canyonville, Oregon, a woman is asking the City Council to repeal an old ordinance so that she can teach a class in astrology. But residents complain that a repeal could lead to Satanism… which apparently means skinning cats and sacrificing babies.


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