Texas Police Department Asks Psychic for Help in Solving Decades-Old Murder Case

Port Arthur (TX) Police Department Detective Scott Gaspard is trying to get to the bottom of who killed 51-year-old resident Pauline Klumpp in 1988. Gaspard has a suspect in mind, but Klumpp’s body was never recovered. Which is why, for some strange reason, he asked for the help of Louisiana psychic Karen Jannise.


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Texas District Attorney Nico LaHood: “Vaccinations Can and Do Cause Autism”

A new anti-vaccination propaganda film has the backing of Nico LaHood, the Bexar County District Attorney (in San Antonio). He even filmed a video supporting the debunked claim that vaccines cause autism, and it makes you wonder how he does his job when evidence clearly doesn’t matter to him.


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Quackwatch.org Survives Defamation Case As Judge Rejects Claims of Two Anti-Aging Doctors

A judge threw out a lawsuit filed by two doctors who were furious that watchdog website Quackwatch.org accurately reported about a scandal they were involved in more than 15 years ago. It wasn’t defamation, said the judge, and the excellent Quackwatch website will not be Gawkered out of existence.

None of this will cure your cancer. Or make you younger. But if you'd like to lose weight in your wallet...

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Team USA Athletes Are Cupping Themselves at the Rio Olympics For No Good Reason

If you’ve watched the Olympics, you may have noticed a few big-name athletes — including swimmer Michael Phelps and gymnast Alex Naddour — with large circular welts on their bodies. It’s the result of a process called “cupping,” in which you put suction cups on parts of your body to make the blood flow faster. Or so they think.


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Dilbert Creator Scott Adams Warns That Powerful Democratic Party Women Drain Testosterone from Men

Scott Adams, creator of the popular office-life comic strip Dilbert, has filed a disturbing report that will surely rock the science world. While watching the Democratic National Convention, the traumatic sight of powerful women chemically altered him by lowering his testosterone and inducing a biological depression. He now fears men across America suffered the same tragic fate. Yes, friends, vampire Dem women have the power to suck the very man-force from America, and they aren’t afraid to use it.


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