Texas Billboard Tells Parents a Dangerous Lie: “Vaccines Can Cause Autism”

Reader Bradlee was driving through Amarillo, Texas, when he saw this disturbing billboard saying “Vaccines can cause autism” (subtitle: “Choose Intelligent Design”).


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U.S. Federal Trade Commission: Homeopathic Remedies Can’t Falsely Advertise That They Work

The Federal Trade Commission — a consumer protection agency — took a major step this week to weaken the harmful effects of homeopathic remedies, which don’t work and are effectively no better than placebos, yet which far too many Americans take in lieu of actual medicine.


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“Psychic” Uri Geller: See? I Told You Donald Trump Would Win Because He Has 11 Letters in His Name

Two months ago, self-proclaimed paranormalist Uri Geller told us that Donald Trump would win the election because he has 11 letters in his name. He’s ready to celebrate his victory now… [Read more…]

University President Wasted More Than $7,000 of Taxpayer Money Looking for Bigfoot

Dr. Christopher Dyer, who heads up the University of New Mexico’s Gallup campus, spent more than $7,000 of taxpayer money to discuss and discover Bigfoot.

Spoiler: They didn’t find him.


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Citizens of Oregon Town Now Free To Pretend They Have Magic Powers

Congratulations, residents of Canyonville, Oregon! You are now just as free as everyone else in this country to open up shop and start making suckers out of anyone willing to believe you have magic powers.


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