Off That (the Rationalist Anthem)

Baba Brinkman is an atheist rapper I’ve mentioned in the past. Today. he released the new video for his song “Off That” — fantastic lyrics mixed with beautiful animation (by Tommy Nagle). Plus, when was the last time you heard a rap song that referred to double-blind studies and the word “Fiddaith”? How awesome is [Read More…]

Indian James Randi Gets Great Press

There’s a lot of religious nonsense that takes place in India. A lot of times, it’s just a petty scam and people lose only money as a result. Sometimes, it’s much more tragic and lives are lost. Last week, it was reported that an Indian couple couldn’t conceive a child, so they went to a [Read More…]

Creationist Claims iPhone App is Free!

Do you ever find yourself in a heated debate with Creationists and all you have with you is your iPhone?! Yes. Yes, you do. Every day. That’s why you want to download Creationist Claims by Insomnia Addict — it’s the iPhone version of The Counter-Creationism Handbook by Mark Isaak. And it’s free! How awesome is [Read More…]

How to Make a Creation Museum Even Worse

What’s worse than a Creation Museum spreading lies? A Traveling Creation Museum spreading lies. The Traveling Creation Museum consists of more than 40 exhibits relating to the six days of creation, the flood, the ice age, cave men, dinosaurs and much more. “It shows how the real scientific and historical information supports the Genesis account [Read More…]

There’s Probably No [Insert Your Own Example Here]

It would be terrific if the Atheist Bus Campaign ads could just be applied to everything else as pseudoscientific and ridiculous… (via Science, Reason and Critical Thinking) [Read more…]