You Don’t Always Need to Be Fair and Balanced

Dan Gilgoff of U.S. News and the God & Country blog recently wrote about Ray Comfort‘s attempt to smuggle Creationism into a bastardized version of On the Origin of Species. I don’t mind that he’s reporting on that non-story, because there’s an appeal to that story from both sides of that fence — the people [Read More…]

Walk Off Home Run

This post is by Jesse Galef — Two days ago, Hemant posted the interview in which Scientologist spokesman Tommy Davis walked off set instead of answering a question about his belief. We can criticize him for being unwilling to admit his own beliefs, but it’s not as if he’ll suffer much. His stunt has gotten [Read More…]

Animal Sacrifices Before the 2010 World Cup?

I don’t know whether I’m more offended as a vegetarian or as someone who is anti-superstition. The 2010 World Cup — arguably the biggest sporting event in the world — is set to take place in South Africa. So what are South African leaders doing to prepare the stadiums for competition? South African traditional leaders [Read More…]

Anti-Science Candidate Susan Hutchison Mocks Richard Dawkins

A couple months ago, I posted about Susan Hutchison, a former news anchor from Seattle, Washington who is running for King County Executive (sort of like a mayor). This is a position that has given rise to future governors of Washington state, so it’s not a seat to be taken lightly. What was weird was [Read More…]

Finally, Some Good News for Simon Singh

The famed author and skeptic Simon Singh has been encountering setback after setback in his case against chiropractics. This all began when he wrote an article saying that the British Chiropractic Association “is the respectable face of the chiropractic profession and yet it happily promotes bogus treatments.” That led to a semantics battle over the [Read More…]