Do You Know What Time It Is?

For the American readers, at some point this morning, in whatever time zone you’re in, the time will be: 04:05:06 07/08/09 (4:05 am, 6 seconds, on July 8th, 2009.) You know what the significance of that is? There is none. None at all. Just thought I’d point that out. Now, if only someone could tell [Read More...]

John Edward’s New Psychic Website “Infinite Quest” Scams the Gullible

John Edward, the “psychic” and “biggest douche in the universe,” has started a website to scam gullible people called Infinite Quest. What pseudo-scientific categories are discussed on the site? Astrology, Numerology, Tarot, Psychic, Reincarnation, etc. Just like his TV show, it targets people who are depressed and vulnerable, who would rather get false hope than [Read More...]

Finally, Pareidolia We Can Get On Board With

Just think of what you’ve been missing by eating fruit without looking for a sign! (Thanks to Reed for the link!) [Read more...]

An Alternative Scenario for the Tarot Cards Story

I was clearly being insensitive with this posting from yesterday. I didn’t mean to come off that way and I apologize for it. The situation in that posting was that young teenage girls were duped into having sex with an older man. He worked his way into their lives and used tarot cards to influence [Read More...]

Tarot Cards Tricked Them…

Usually, when I hear about someone getting duped into giving tons of money to a Tarot card reader or a “psychic,” I don’t feel all that bad for them. Yes, they were taken advantage of, but they were also gullible enough to believe in complete nonsense. This story is far worse than that: [A 15-year-old [Read More...]