The Year of Living Foolishly

It’s over. The relatives have gone home, happy, well fed and well loved. Just one more set of weird rituals to go, the official end to the Holiday Season: Alcohol Consumption, Get Maudlin About Time Passing and Drunk Driving Night followed by Hangover and Resolution Breaking Day. If I can just get through those without [Read More...]

This is Everyone’s Tragedy

By now most of you have probably heard about the shootings at a missionary center in Arvada, Colorado and later at the New Life Church in Colorado Springs. The gunman died in a shootout with a security guard inside the New Life Church. He left three wounded and two dead. Because we must always be [Read More...]

Trials of a Softhearted Scrooge

Christmas time is a pain in the neck for me. But this year I’m trying to be a nice atheist. Today I went to the hardware store for a light bulb and some batteries. The place had transformed since I’d been in a few days ago, from hardware store to mondo-bizarro-psychedelic-drug-trip-surreal-fantasy-forest. On my left there [Read More...]

Not a True Atheist?

Recently a remark by a Christian visiting here reminded me of something peculiar I have encountered from time to time that I had never known about before I started reading and discussing things on line, the notion of the “not real Christian.” I have heard several people who identify themselves as Christians say that because [Read More...]

Skepticism and Credence About Non-Religious Things.

We have had many postings and long discussions about religions, religious beliefs and the political or social effects of religions or religious people. Many commenters have expressed why they disagree with or are skeptical about all those things. But atheists, skeptics, humanists, freethinkers, whatever we non-god-believers call ourselves have more to our lives than constant [Read More...]