The Moment Before the Moment After

by Richard Wade I was the very first person in line when my polling place opened this morning. I couldn’t wait. I wanted to be a part of history. I wanted to read in a history book years from now about the pivotal moment that Americans seized today, and be able to remember that that [Read More…]

Kay Hagan’s Staff Explains Her Position on “Godless Americans” (and Her Position on Us)

By Richard Wade: … I thought this was important enough to post separately rather than just as a response to my recent comment on Hemant’s post about the latest Senator Dole smear. I have been getting email appeals for contributions from Kay Hagan’s campaign ever since I donated to her campaign. So you can understand [Read More…]

Ordering A Hit on Mickey

Dateline: Anaheim, CA. Your Roving Reporter, Richard Wade One of Islam’s top clerics, Sheikh Saleh al-Luhaidan has issued a salvo of fatwas, not only calling for the death of executives of television broadcasting companies in the Middle East but also a much more disturbing and potentially disastrous threat. Western-style programming often in the form of  [Read More…]

Atheist Idolatry

Richard Wade here, back to stir up more trouble. Hemant’s recent post about his Christian friend who said he’d rather die than defile his Bible suggested for me that the larger issue there is about idolatry, and how even atheists can slip into it. People create objects to symbolize concepts. Over time they can become [Read More…]

Atheism’s Silent Majority

Hi everyone, Richard Wade here. “The silent majority” was a phrase first made popular by Richard Nixon in 1969 in part from his wishful thinking that a majority of Americans silently approved of his disastrous conduct of the Vietnam War. By applying this phrase to atheism I’m not saying that a majority of Americans are [Read More…]