“Ask Richard” Now Featured in Humanist Network News

The Ask Richard postings seem to have struck a chord with a lot of you. Our friend Richard is now being featured in Humanist Network News, the ezine for the American Humanist Association HNN is free to sign up for if you don’t receive it already. Congratulations to him! More of his advice will be [Read More...]

Ask Richard: Lonely Atheist Needs Intelligent Conversations

Hi Richard, Where does an atheist turn when she finds herself surrounded by people yet always alone? I live in a fairly conservative part of the country and while my friends know and accept that I’m an atheist, they view it as more of a novelty than anything — something they like to bring up [Read More...]

Ask Richard: Hard to Throw Away Books, Even Gawdawful Ones

Dear Richard, Another book related question! Yay! I love books. I’m almost at the level of Thomas Jefferson in that regard. I can’t deny myself a book. Today, I broke my prohibition on going into bookstores and walked out with an arm load. While I can imagine having books stacked floor to ceiling, my wife [Read More...]

Ask Richard: Is My Belief in Karma Incompatible with My Atheism?

Hey Richard, I have a question that deals more with a moral dilemma than an awkward social situation. Due to the decent amount of atheist literature I have been reading recently, I would consider myself a relatively new “convert” to the faith (of course I still have to use quotes around convert, I have a [Read More...]