Boston College Goes Overboard with Catholic Symbols

Hey, it’s your buddy Ron Gold. I was reading how Boston College, a Jesuit, Catholic school, recently filled their campus and classrooms with Catholic symbols in a stealthy fashion: Students and faculty returned to campus after winter break to find that Boston College had quietly completed, without announcement or fanfare, an eight-year project to dramatically [Read More…]

Let’s Drop The Euphemistic Phrase “Faith-Based” Already

Hey everyone, Ron Gold here: When I hear President Obama talk about his plans to beef up the office of faith-based initiatives, it irritates me twofold. First of all, as an atheist, it’s only natural that religious groups receiving federal funding would bother me. But additionally, the very words “faith-based” get to me, as they [Read More…]

Introducing Ron Gold

We have added one more contributor to this site, and I’m sure you’ll enjoy his contributions. Please welcome Ron Gold! Ron writes the Invisible Pink Unicorn blog and is a Political Science graduate from the University of Minnesota. You can read more about him at the About the Contributors page. Feel free to say hello! [Read more…]

Is Ted Haggard a Victim of Evangelicalism?

Hey everyone, this is Ron Gold from The Invisible Pink Unicorn blog. Hemant has graciously invited me to do some guest posts. It’s a pleasure to be writing here. I just saw the new HBO documentary The Trials of Ted Haggard – it follows the former evangelical megachurch pastor’s life after he was exiled for [Read More…]