Dozens of Ignorant Fire-Walkers Injured at Tony Robbins Seminar

Dozens of people were injured last night at a Tony Robbins motivation seminar in Dallas — and five of them were hospitalized — after burning themselves during the fire-walking portion of the event. It’s a remarkable display of what happens when gullible people don’t understand how science works.


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The Woman in the Moon Has Been Revealed

On the Late Show the other night, Neil deGrasse Tyson stopped by to teach Stephen Colbert about the Woman in the Moon.


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After a Newborn Gets Whooping Cough, Her Mom Urges Parents To Get Their Kids Vaccinated

Annie Mae Braiden didn’t do anything wrong. She gave birth to her daughter Isabelle about 10 weeks ago and everything should have been normal. Unfortunately, Isabelle has spent the past month in the pediatric intensive care unit in a Victoria (British Columbia) hospital because she picked up whooping cough.

On Facebook, Braiden urged other parents to make sure their kids get vaccinated — not just for them, but for the kids who may be affected by someone else’s negligence.


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Former Naturopathic Doctor: “I Can No Longer Disregard the Inconvenient Fact That I Was a Quack”

Britt Marie Hermes, a former naturopathic doctor who realized she worked in a sham field, is now doing everything she can to help others avoid her mistake.


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Tennessee Clinic Wants You to Forget That Their Doctors Believe Vaccines “Can Cause Autism”

Earlier this month, I posted about how Cool Springs Family Medicine in Franklin, Tennessee announced that doctors there would no longer administer vaccines to patients because “they can cause Autism.”

Now they’re trying to make sure everyone forgets that ever happened.


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