Jimmy Kimmel: Sarah Palin’s Denial of Climate Change is “Offensive and Dangerous”

As we wrote about on the site last month, Sarah Palin was part of a panel recently discussing the anti-science “documentary” Climate Hustle after the film’s premiere. (Bill Nye was also rumored to be on the panel, but he quickly denied any participation.) Palin later said, dismissively, “Bill Nye is as much a scientist as I am.”

Last night, Jimmy Kimmel took the former Republican vice presidential candidate to task for her irresponsible, anti-science buffoonery:


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Kentucky Has a Science Problem

With the opening of the Noah’s Ark theme park just over two months away, buttressed by up to $18 million in tax breaks from taxpayers, people are starting to reflect on what it means for the state of science in Kentucky.

Ark Encounter Large

The editorial team at the Lexington Herald-Leader wonders, for example, how Governor Matt Bevin could visit Germany to attend a major industrial fair called Hanover Messe while the Tourism Development Finance Authority gave the multi-million dollar tax break without opposition from him:

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Ken Ham Promotes Journal with “Cutting Edge Creationist Research”

Creationist Ken Ham made a laughable pitch to get you to read his pseudo-scientific magazine:


Much like Ham’s Creation “Museum” that isn’t really a museum, this “research” journal doesn’t offer anything in the way of research.

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Ken Ham Thinks People Mock Him Because They Don’t Understand Creationism

Last night, Creationist Ken Ham tweeted this remarkably misguided message:


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Want to Trick People Into Believing You’re a Doctor? Then Buy a “Pastoral Medicine” Degree

Want an easy way to trick people? Just put random letters after your name as if you have an advanced degree and see how many people fall for it.

That’s what the Pastoral Medical Association seems to be doing. Unlike getting an MD or RN after your name, you don’t have to hold a specialized grad school degree to obtain your PSC.D or D.PSc degree (for pastoral care). You just have to pay them some cash and agree with their principles.


And if you acquire those credentials, what does it mean?

Basically nothing. But some patients will still take your advice seriously. And that’s the problem.

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