Does Knowing More Science Lead to a Better Understanding of Climate Change? Not For Republicans

Does having more scientific knowledge mean you’re more likely to accept climate change? Even though the answer should be yes, that doesn’t seem to apply to one political party.


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This is Incredible Time Lapse Footage of Cell Division in a Tadpole Egg

Every now and then, you see a science video that reaffirms just how amazing the subject is.


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What Is Going On in the NBA? Now, Even Shaq Thinks the World is Flat

First, NBA star Kyrie Irving said the world was flat. Now Shaq is saying he agrees with him because “I drive from Florida to California all the time, and it’s flat to me.”


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Watch This Scientist Delightfully Correct a Science Communicator on His Video About Evolution

We always appreciate YouTubers who explain science, but evolutionary biologist Sally Le Page noticed a few problems in one fairly popular video, so she responded in a wonderfully effective way.


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An Atheist Gave This Creationist Video Subtitles and It’s Glorious

What do you do when a “concerned evangelical relative” gives you a video series from the Institute for Creation Research called Unlocking the Mysteries of Genesis?

You watch one of the videos and remake it with your own (more accurate) subtitles.


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