Filmmakers Now Have an Easy Way to Get the Science Right in Their Movies

There’s an actual hotline filmmakers can call if they need to verify or correct scientific lines in their scripts. Just to make sure they’re not saying anything potentially embarrassing.


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Chicago’s Field Museum Embraces Facts (and Evolution) in New Ad

It really shouldn’t be surprising to see staffers at a science museum embrace their appreciate for facts and evidence… but this is Donald Trump‘s America, where alternative facts rule the day and science is a four-letter word.


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South Dakota Bill Allowing Alternative Facts in Science Class Defeated in State House

A South Dakota bill that would have weakened the teaching of evolution and climate change in classrooms has been defeated.


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Virginia City Cancels Planned Trip to Christian Theme Parks After Warning from Atheists

It’s not legal when public schools plan field trips to Ark Encounter or the Creation Museum, and it’s not okay when city officials do it either.


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Male Chiropractor Who Invented the Menstrual Product of Our Nightmares Is Stunned By the Backlash

Introducing Mensez “Feminine Lipstick!” A “lipstick” that just straight up glues your labia shut so none of that icky menstrual fluid can get out! Because that’s how anatomy works.


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