Ray Comfort’s Movie The Atheist Delusion Is Now Free To Watch Online

Evangelist Ray Comfort‘s film The Atheist Delusion — tagline: “Atheism destroyed with one scientific question” — is now free to watch online. So if Twitter goes down again today, you’ll have another way to get outraged.


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Montana Gubernatorial Candidate Greg Gianforte is Criticized in New Ad for His Creationism

The gubernatorial race in Montana is between the incumbent Democrat, who accepts science, and Republican Greg Gianforte, a Creationist. And now, a political action committee has released an ad calling out Gianforte for his science denial.


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This Student’s Response is Pretty Compelling Evidence for the Big Bang

What sort of scientific evidence is there for the Big Bang?

That’s the question one reader’s daughter had on her homework assignment. Turns out she just wanted to get something down on paper without going through all the exhaustive details…


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Cape Town Student Says Science Must “Restart” Since It Doesn’t Incorporate African Black Magic

In this absurd video, supposedly taken this week from a science faculty meeting at the University of Cape Town (South Africa), one student pleads with the professors to ditch science entirely because it’s a product of Western culture and doesn’t incorporate the supernatural ideas that many Africans believe.


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7 Memorable Clips of Sean Carroll Talking Physics

Several clips of physicist Sean Carroll being awesome? Don’t mind if I do.


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