“America’s Doctor” Doesn’t Seem to Care About the Scientific Merits of His Claims, Says New Study on Dr. Oz

This past June, Dr. Mehmet Oz was called to testify before Congress at the request of Senator Claire McCaskill because of one particularly egregious scam that he, among others, promoted.

Now, the British Medical Journal has weighed in with more substantive charges against the sell-out doctor. A study published on Wednesday shows that his recommendations are far from scientifically sound:

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This Animated Science Infographic About Birth is Incredible

Eleanor Lutz created this animated infographic about birth that you need to see in full size on her site to really experience.

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After Investigation, Georgia University Warns Professor Not to Preach Creationism Again or He Will Be Fired

Back in October, a group of science advocates including Jerry Coyne and Richard Dawkins, with the help of the Freedom From Religion Foundation, wrote a letter to Georgia Southern University.

It turned out that History professor Dr. Emerson T. McMullen (below) was teaching courses in which he advocated Creationism.

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Bill Nye Explains Evolution Through Emoji

Bill Nye + emoji?! Science class will make a lot more sense now!

(Unless you’re older than, say, 19… in which case none of this makes any sense at all.)

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Christian Software Engineer Has a Scientific Explanation for How Moses “Parted” the Sea

Religion takes a lot of flak for the science-denial it inspires in those believers who try to re-frame reality in order to fit their particular religious text’s claims. Young Earth Creationists are a perfect example: they’ll discount mountains of evidence in order to cling to the narrow interpretation they’ve embraced. However, we tend to spend less time paying attention to the equally futile efforts of believers who reshape and rework those texts to sort-of, kind-of slip in-between the cracks of reality.

The National Center for Atmospheric Research’s Carl Drews is a good example of what I mean. Drews is a software engineer with a Masters Degree in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences, who has spent a good deal of time trying to prove that Moses’ parting of the Red Sea actually happened.

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