An Incredible YouTube Experiment Testing the Coriolis Effect

Do toilets really swirl in opposite directions based on the hemisphere you’re in?

YouTubers Veritasium and SmarterEveryDay (both of whom make fantastic science videos) did an experiment to test that idea — basically seeing if the Coriolis effect is really true.

How they did it is just incredible. It involves playing both of their videos at the same time. (I suggest opening them up separately, side by side, on your desktop.)

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A Wonderful (Long) Explanation of Why Tesla Cars Are So Amazing

Tim Urban of Wait But Why has a freakishly long and incredibly down-to-earth explanation of why Tesla cars are such a big deal. But it’s not just him fawning over his recent visit to the company and conversation with founder Elon Musk.

Instead, he gives us a sort of wonderful textbook chapter on how energy works, how cars developed, and why what Tesla is doing is so revolutionary. It’s a perfect read for a high school student… or (*ahem*) an adult who would otherwise be lost in these discussions.

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Ken Ham Thinks the Creationist Who Stumbled Upon a Fossil Was Doing Real Science

Last week, Edgar Nernberg made news for finding a fossil as he was excavating ground for a new house:

While that might be enough to generate a few headlines, there was a tremendous amount of press for this story because Hernberg is a Creationist. In other words, a man who believes the Earth is about 6,000 years old found a fossil that’s tens of millions of years old. Hilarious.

To his credit, though, Nernberg knew that he wasn’t capable of doing much with the fossil (and I wouldn’t be either), so he turned it over to paleontologist Darla Zelenitsky of the University of Calgary. Her team plans to clean up the fossils, analyze them, and put them on display.

Now look at how Creationist Ken Ham is spinning this whole story.

He’s arguing that a Creationist made an important scientific discovery — not ironically — as if the two are genuinely linked together:

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After “Auditing” the Field Museum, Megan Fox Visits the Creation Museum

When I had a conversation with Megan Fox, the science “skeptic” who audited an evolution exhibit at the Field Museum, one of the most interesting moments to me was when she¬†said she planned to visit the Creation Museum.

No kidding, I thought. I would *love* to watch a video of you going through those exhibits.

I wanted to know if she would apply the same sort of “skepticism” over there. It would be a breeze, really, since there’s plenty to criticize. (I would know. I’ve been there twice.)

My hopes weren’t exactly high… but I was still curious.

Well, Megan has finally started posting videos of her trip:

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A Creationist Just Made a Huge Scientific Discovery… Really!

Edgar Nernberg was excavating ground for his company in order to build a new home in Calgary, Alberta when he realized he was looking at something special:

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