The Three Kinds of Creationists

Libby Anne has an interesting take on what she considers to be the three kinds of Creationists: 1. The Ignorant: This group consists of those who are creationists because they don’t understand evolution and haven’t seen the huge accumulation of evidence in favor of evolution and the massive amounts of evidence against young earth creationism. [Read More...]

A Panel of Atheists Discuss Religion, Science, and Morality

This is neat: Cara Santa Maria of HuffPo hosted a panel of atheists speaking about religion, science, and morality. Why only atheists? Because this wasn’t a debate about god and the supernatural. There’s no proof of any of that nonsense. Let’s move on and talk about things that really matter. Panelists included Michael Shermer of [Read More...]

Why Do Atheists Always Go After Ken Ham?

Fred Clark, a Christian who’s not a Young Earth Creationist, is getting frustrated by having to deal with atheists who love quoting the Creation Museum’s Ken Ham as someone who, for all his faults, at least takes the Bible literally (as it should be, the atheists say). Fred feels like atheists and progressive Christians ought [Read More...]

Louisiana Officials Delaying Voucher Bids from Private Schools Until Creationism Stance is Known

Perhaps due to the renewed focus on Governor Bobby Jindal‘s plan to send $11,000,000 of taxpayer money to Creationism-endorsing schools, it looks like the state’s Board of Elementary and Secondary Education is now smartly taking it more slowly when approving new programs: The Board of Elementary and Secondary Education Tuesday held back state approval from [Read More...]

Kentucky Republicans Are Trying to Ruin Science Education

This is David Givens: “I would hope that creationism is presented as a theory in the classroom, in a science classroom, alongside evolution.” … “I think we are very committed to being able to take Kentucky students and put them on a report card beside students across the nation,” Givens said. “We’re simply saying to [Read More...]