An Atheist, a PhD Project, $10000, and an Online Poll

Andrew James Latham is a Master’s student at the University of Auckland and a “budding cognitive neuroscientist.” For his PhD, he’s trying to start up a research program to look at “the cognitive and neural correlates of both religiosity, morality and the interaction between them.” Religion and morality are synonymous concepts to many people. Research [Read More...]

Zack Kopplin Appears on Hardball

Zack Kopplin, the student leading the fight to repeal the misnamed “Louisiana Science Education Act,” appeared on Hardball last night and did one hell of a nice job: You can read Zack’s challenge to Rep. Michele Bachmann here. Even FSM prophet Bobby Henderson sends along his praises: All in all it was an excellent appearance. [Read More...]

Louisiana Votes to Screw Over Science Education

After everything 17-year-old Zack Kopplin did to get the wrongly-named “Louisiana Science Education Act” repealed, lawmakers sided against him. Temporarily, anyway. Currently, the law allows public school science teachers in the state to “supplement” state-approved textbooks with their own materials — including unscientific texts that support Creationism/Intelligent Design. Zack and others were trying to put [Read More...]

The Different Covers of Richard Dawkins’ Book

I posted earlier about the cover of Richard Dawkins‘ forthcoming book: The Magic of Reality: How We Know What’s Really True. But it turns out this was only the cover of the British version of the book: Here’s what the cover of the American version will look like: I understand why the covers are different. [Read More...]

Those Awful Science Textbooks

One thing we know about the Creation Museum’s Ken Ham is that he pays very careful attention to science textbooks. He wants to make sure home-schooled Christian families have only the best resources for their kids. We took some photographs (this is just a small sample) of the sorts of materials being sold at these [Read More...]