Was the New York Times’ Profile on Richard Dawkins Too Kind?

Earlier this week, in anticipation of the release of The Magic of Reality, the New York Times’ Michael Powell profiled Richard Dawkins. I pointed out my surprise that Powell pretty much ignored any real criticism of Dawkins within atheist circles (especially regarding Elevatorgate). Sarah Pulliam Bailey, a religion reporter herself, didn’t take that omission lightly [Read More...]

Ken Ham Will Shed a Tear…

(via PostSecret) [Read more...]

The New York Times Profiles Richard Dawkins

There was a very positive profile of Richard Dawkins in today’s New York Times by Michael Powell. It’s not everyday you see such glowing coverage of an outspoken atheist, so savor it while it’s there. I especially liked that it didn’t focus on his atheism. It focused on science education, which has always been his [Read More...]

A ‘Positive Protest’ at a Creation Museum

The San Diego New Atheists and Agnostics are planning a “Positive Protest” of the local Creation and Earth “History” “Museum” on Saturday, September 24th. Organizer John V. explains what that entails: I’ve tried the angry-atheist thing before and, believe me, it doesn’t work… I think we should focus more on trying to improve the public [Read More...]

Quote of the Day

In reaction to last night’s debate between the Republican Presidential hopefuls: Listening to GOP Presidential candidates talk about science is like listening to children talk about sex: They know it exists, they have strong opinions about what it might mean, but they don’t have a clue what it’s actually about. (via The Daily Dish) [Read more...]