Microscope Technician Claims in Lawsuit That He Was Fired for Being a Creationist

In 2009, Mark Armitage (below) was offered a part-time position as an Electron Microscopy Technician at California State University Northridge. It wasn’t a teaching position or anything, so the fact that he was a Creationist (and said as much during his interview) seemed irrelevant.

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Maybe This Will Convince Ken Ham to Explore Space…

It’s a chance to save the aliens!

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Creationist Ken Ham: We Should Stop Exploring Space Because the Bible Says Aliens Would Go to Hell

One of the criticisms of Creationism (besides the whole “it’s wrong” thing) is that it stifles curiosity. “God did it” not only doesn’t answer anything, it stops you from seeking out actual answers.

Science, on the other hand, is all about searching and explaining the unknown. The answers we seek may not be discovered anytime soon, but that’s part of the process. That’s why we explore space and search for extraterrestrial life. Who knows what we’ll find?!

Creationist Ken Ham doesn’t understand any of this. He thinks he knows the real reason we go into space:

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How do the Scientists Not Know This Yet?

Last month, Christian Joshua Feuerstein made a video that went viral for all the wrong reasons. The ungrammatically titled “Dear Mr Atheist allow me to destroy evolution in 3 minutes!” was just an awful attempt to “disprove” evolution.

The only thing worse than his logic was the orientation of his camera.

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New Study Shows That Children Exposed to Religion Have a Hard Time Distinguishing Fact from Fiction

Five- and six-year-old children know that George Washington was a real person and Snow White is fictional.

But what if you told them this story?

God warned Noah about a flood that was going to cover the Earth. Noah and his wife built a giant boat and gathered two of every kind of animal before the flood came. They were very worried but Noah, his family, and all the animals drifted for days until they reached new land.

Real or pretend?

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