A Simple and Beautiful Animation of How Life Began

I don’t know if I can trust this video from New Scientist because it doesn’t mention Jesus.

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Respectable Theory or “Pathologizing Belief”? Russian Scientists Posit That Microbes Spread Religiosity

It should come as no surprise that certain sacred religious practices are remarkably unhygienic. Holy water in church fonts tends to be rife with fecal bacteria. Believers who ritually kiss the same holy stone or other religious artifacts no doubt end up sharing microbes. Millions take ritual baths in filthy lakes and waterways in which human waste and dead bodies float conspicuously on the surface. And closer to home, well, are you sure that Father Murphy washed his hands before pinching a series of eucharists between his fleshy fingers and putting the Jesus crackers, and maybe those digits, on one wet tongue after another?

Could habits like these have anything to do with the spread of religiosity itself? Are some microbes essentially carriers and distributors of faith?

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What Do Creationists Look Like When They’re in Their Labs…?

In 2012, Dr. Ann Gauger, a “Senior Research Scientist at Biologic Institute” (which is funded by the Intelligent Design-promoting Discovery Institute), spoke about what she thought was population genetics in this video:

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Protesting Creationism by Riding Atop a Velociraptor Tricycle

Creationists like Ken Ham believe that humans and dinosaurs lived at the same time when all the evidence suggests they lived nearly 60,000,000 years apart. As the saying goes, The Flintstones wasn’t a documentary.

We know there’s confusion about this in the United States. It’s a problem in some parts of Norway, too. That’s why Norwegian artist Markus Moestue is trying to spread science education while atop a velociraptor tricycle, staging what he calls a “protest against the dogmatic religious education of children”:

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Rich Preacher Sends 4,000 Bottles of Holy Water to Sierra Leone to Cure Ebola

Normally, when a story involves a rich Nigerian person sending money, you can safely ignore it. But in the case of millionaire preacher Temitope (T.B.) Joshua (below), his efforts to curb Ebola are completely misguided and it’s important to understand why:

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