The Bill Nye Event at Vanderbilt Was Even Better Than I Expected

Bill Nye smiled and waved to the row of people seated along the outside of Langford Auditorium at Nashville’s Vanderbilt University last week. Bow-tie wearers down and around the corner were hopping to their feet with excitement; you could sense they were almost willing to lose their spot in line to run to him. Without stopping to chat, Nye was ushered into the lobby where several dozen well-dress students were eagerly gathered to welcome him to the reception, a pre-event meet & greet for the Vanderbilt Speakers Committee members and a handful of contest winners. Nye confidently walked straight into the crowd, shaking hands, nodding his head with every introduction until he had gone to one end of the room and back.

You may have noticed there are a lot of selfies of The Science Guy on the Internet these days. That’s because he has somehow made it his “thing.” He’s often the one holding the phone — I’m guessing this is because the fans shake too much when they’re on a Nye-high. That, and he’s got arms that extend out like Inspector Gadget. Nye then reminds his fan to look at the camera lens, not the screen, and that he’ll hit the shutter three times, making sure to capture at least one Tweet-worthy pose. That’s the standard routine I observed for several selfie-cycles while monitoring from the front of the line that was naturally forming out from where he was standing. (The picture below is a rare exception to that routine.)


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The Evidence for Evolution

The team at Stated Clearly have an excellent new video explaining the evidence for evolution by looking at Cetaceans (like dolphins and whales):

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Does New Research Prove Life After Death? Not So Much…

Holy Moses, the afterlife is real! Or such is the impression that you might get, reading about the “AWARE” study (recently published in the Resuscitation Journal). The Telegraph‘s headline, for instance, trumpets, “First hint of ‘life after death’ in biggest ever scientific study.”

This is followed by a far less exciting, but more accurate, description:

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Ray Comfort on Stephen Hawking: “The Bible Says He’s a Fool”

Physicist Stephen Hawking recently came out (explicitly) as an atheist, leading Ray Comfort, on his online show, to call him a fool.

Let me repeat that: Creationist Ray Comfort thinks one of the most brilliant people to ever live is a “fool”… for not accepting what’s written in the Bible literally.

That makes about as much sense as, well, Sarah Palin calling Stephen Hawking a fool.

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Bill Nye’s Forthcoming Book About Evolution

I’ll just put this here so you can all drool over it:

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