Catholic Bishop in Toledo Bans Fundraising for Breast Cancer Research

In case you needed another reason to leave/despise the Catholic Church… A bishop from Toledo, Ohio will not allow parishes and parochial schools to raise money for the Susan G. Komen Foundation (which helps fund the fight against breast cancer) because there’s a chance they may one day fund embryonic stem-cell research. Bishop Blair, in [Read More...]

Can't Wait to See the Exam Question About This…

Gotta love Doonesbury: The comic actually raises a deeper question: Would you rather a science teacher bring up Creationism/ID in order to debunk it, or would you rather the teacher not mention the fake “controversy” in the first place? I understand the arguments for the latter. Why bother mentioning something that’s not science? Why limit [Read More...]

Group of Catholics: Galileo Was Wrong!

We mock Creationists because, despite overwhelming evidence in favor of evolution, they cling to their Biblically-supported view that God created the world in six days and the Earth is only a few thousand years old. Now, a group of Catholics is trying to give Creationists a run for their money in the game of Who [Read More...]

Should Gravity Be Taught in Public Schools?

Hmm… it turns out when you pretend like the Miss USA contestants were asked whether gravity should be taught in public schools (instead of evolution, which they were asked about), they sound equally idiotic: (Thanks to Jon for the link!) … ZOMGitsCriss also offers extended commentary on the original video: [Read more...]

This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things, America

The Miss USA Pageant was last night. (SPOILERS BELOW Oh, screw it, no one cares.) Before the competition took place, all 51 delegates were asked a series of questions… including: “Should evolution be taught in schools?” This is just full of fail…: Watch that thing. All 14:48 of it. I dare you. What you see [Read More...]