Praise for Francis Collins

Christopher Hitchens has been writing a lot about his illness lately, and in his latest Vanity Fair piece, he mentions a close Christian friend: Dr. Francis Collins is one of the greatest living Americans. He is the man who brought the Human Genome Project to completion, ahead of time and under budget, and who now [Read More...]

Dr. Atheist Wants to Kill You Faster, Says Guardian Article

A new study in the Journal of Medical Ethics says: … doctors who described themselves as non-religious were more likely than others to report having given continuous deep sedation until death, having taken decisions they expected or partly intended to end life, and to have discussed these decisions with patients judged to have the capacity [Read More...]

Is It Enough to Say the Evidence Supports Evolution or Should We Do More?

It’s a sad day when an article that essentially says “evolution is supported by the evidence” is a cause for celebration. But when it comes from Rachel Held Evans, a Christian who was taught that Darwin was wrong, we should be happy, right? This idea [that evolution is false] was perpetuated at my Christian college, [Read More...]

My Day at a Casey Luskin Lecture

This is a guest post by Jamie Bernstein. Jamie is a graduate student in public policy at the University of Chicago. She previously posted about her day at an anti-vaccination rally. Matt Lowry is referenced in the posting and you can read his take on the event here. … When I found out Casey Luskin [Read More...]

A Pastor (Seriously) Thanks the New Atheists

On August 1st in Oklahoma City, Pastor Michael Dowd — the author of Thank God for Evolution — delivered a sermon thanking the New Atheists… and he wasn’t being sarcastic about it. Hell, check out the scripture readings for the day: You don’t see that everyday… You can read the full sermon here (PDF): The [Read More...]