An Ode to the Brain

The latest video in the excellent Symphony of Science series focuses on the brain. This one featured the autotuned words of Carl Sagan, Jill Bolte Taylor, and Bill Nye, among others: [Read more...]

Albert Funkenstein

Reader Daniel points out that at the website TeeFury (where t-shirts are sold for only 24 hours), today’s shirt has an image of some famous scientists… together in a rock band: That’s Charles Darwin on bass, Sigmund Freud on drums, Thomas Edison on electric guitar, Ivan Pavlov on cowbell (yeah!), and Albert Einstein on vocals. [Read More...]

A Quick Stop to Creationism in the Classroom

After activist Rob Sherman heard that a science teacher at Libertyville High School in Illinois was teaching Creationism — you can see the teacher’s handouts here (PDF) — all he had to do was speak up at a school board meeting to put a stop to it. It was that simple: Libertyville High School teacher [Read More...]

All Four Lake Zurich Unit District 95 School Board Candidates Believe in Creationism

Last week, I mentioned a school district in Illinois where two of the candidates for school board were Creationists. Another district is now trying to prove they’re even crazier. Lake Zurich Unit District 95 (home to Lake Zurich High School), in the far northwest suburbs of Chicago, is having school board elections in April. 4 [Read More...]

The Link Between Vaccines and Autism…

… is non-existent. Jessica Hagy, who always shows us the clever link(s) between various ideas on her blog Indexed via Venn Diagrams and line graphs, goes the simple-but-effective route on this one: Nailed it. [Read more...]