Richard Dawkins, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Black Atheists, and Your Chance to Win Dawkins’ Book!

The Secular Students at Howard University have some *very* exciting events coming up on Tuesday, September 28th. Both events are free if you pick up tickets at the box office. (Or you can get the free tickets via Ticketmaster, but you’d still owe them $7.50 $12.00 (says Frank in the comments below) in service charges. [Read More...]

An Evolution and Art Contest

Charlie’s Playhouse is running a fantastic contest for children (under 12) that involves thinking about evolution. In essence, pick an animal you like and an island with a different environment from the one your animal is used to living in… now, think about the evolutionary shifts that animal would undergo. Now imagine that millions of [Read More...]

What’s a Parent to Do When His Child’s Teacher is a Creationist?

While we’re on the topic of being outspoken, here’s an interesting story from Dale McGowan. His high-school-age son, Connor, had a bit of a disappointing start to the school year in his science class… He had enrolled for physical science and was looking forward to it, thinking it was physics. Turns out it’s actually basic [Read More...]

Praise for Francis Collins

Christopher Hitchens has been writing a lot about his illness lately, and in his latest Vanity Fair piece, he mentions a close Christian friend: Dr. Francis Collins is one of the greatest living Americans. He is the man who brought the Human Genome Project to completion, ahead of time and under budget, and who now [Read More...]

Dr. Atheist Wants to Kill You Faster, Says Guardian Article

A new study in the Journal of Medical Ethics says: … doctors who described themselves as non-religious were more likely than others to report having given continuous deep sedation until death, having taken decisions they expected or partly intended to end life, and to have discussed these decisions with patients judged to have the capacity [Read More...]