It’s Not Just an Art Contest

Dale McGowan‘s daughter Delaney recently won an Evolution & Art Contest sponsored by Charlie’s Playhouse. Delaney imagined a monkey that got stranded on an island with “hard nuts, quiet predators, and purple bushes and trees.” Here’s what she wrote about how the monkey evolves: “The monkey evolved sharp teeth to crack hard nuts, large ears [Read More...]

Sandra Bickley and Kim Hansen Should Not Be Elected to the Fremont School District 79 School Board

When it’s happening in your neck of the woods — about 45 minutes north of Chicago — the “debate” about Creationism takes on a whole new level of seriousness. That’s why I’m paying special attention to the Fremont School District 79 school board elections. Here’s what you need to know: There are 4 candidates running [Read More...]

How Important is the Darwin Day House Resolution?

I got a stack of emails yesterday referencing how wonderful it is that House Resolution 81 was introduced in Congress: Representative Pete Stark (D-CA) just introduced H. Res. 81 to Congress, expressing support for designation of February 12, 2011, as Darwin Day. This resolution is a culmination of collaboration between Representative Stark, 2008 Humanist of [Read More...]

13% of Science Teachers Are Creationists

You want some depressing news about the American education system? (Is there any other kind?) Here you go: The majority of high school biology teachers don’t take a solid stance on evolution with their students, mostly to avoid conflicts, and fewer than 30 percent of teachers take an adamant pro-evolutionary stance on the topic, a [Read More...]

The Big Beginning

Stephen Hawking + Richard Dawkins + Carl Sagan + Tara Shears + Neil deGrasse Tyson + Auto-Tune = the latest Symphony of Science! I’m sure these videos reach an audience that wouldn’t normally listen to scientists, but I would watch this even without the auto-tune. These are some of the finest science communicators in recent [Read More...]