Ken Ham Blasts Physicist Lawrence Krauss for Explaining Science Correctly

Ken Ham is mad at physicist Lawrence Krauss because Krauss told the truth about how we were created. I love that last line: “Forget Jesus; the stars died so that you could be here today!” Besides the “blasphemy,” Ham is mad that Krauss dares to mock the Creation Museum when he’s only took a quick [Read More...]

The Candidates for Governor of Illinois and Their Views on Evolution

It’s a simple question with a simple answer: Do you accept the theory of evolution? Please explain. The correct answer: Of course I accept evolution, just as every thinking person should. The scientific evidence points to evolution as the best explanation for all the diversity of life on Earth and there is no credible alternative. [Read More...]

Feynman on Doubt

by Jesse Galef Everyone can do with more Feynman in their lives. I hear tell that there’s a treasure trove of his lectures called project Tuva, but I haven’t investigated it yet. I found this video of him having a conversation in an interview. As such, he has more asides and tangents than he would [Read More...]

A Stocking Stuffer for Atheists?

It’s evolution, flipbook-style: Not a bad stocking stuffer for a science-appreciating child. You can buy them at Charlie’s Playhouse! [Read more...]

Children’s Responses to: What Is Evolution?

Here’s video of children’s responses to the question: “What is Evolution?” It’s sponsored by Charlie’s Playhouse. The music’s a bit loud, but the responses are entertaining. My favorite is: “Then the monkeys turned into people monkeys” It’s still more science understanding than most Creationists could give you… [Read more...]