The Rap Guide to Evolution

Baba Brinkman explains evolution for the rap-loving youth: You can see a more recent freestyle rap here. I never thought I would be saying this but my list of pro-science and atheist rappers is growing. Awesome. (via New Humanist) [Read more...]

When is a Human Eye like a Dead Parrot?

NonStampCollector explains: [Read more...]

The UK Has All the Good Talks…

Beginning next Monday at Oxford University (UK) is Think Week, a week of thought-provoking lectures talks on a variety of topics, organized by several atheist/Humanist societies. The aim of the week will be to expose the type of discussion and debate that these societies offer to a wider audience and raise the profile of the [Read More...]

Happy Darwin Day!

In honor of Charles Darwin‘s 201st birthday today, Diana Glennie of the McMaster Association of Secular Humanists (MASH) in Ontario made a wonderful cake: You’ll want to zoom in on that at her site. It looks even more delicious in higher resolution [Read more...]

Darwin Day in New Orleans

New Orleans is on a roll this week! It’s not just a place for Mardi Gras and the Saints; it’s a place where secular values are being honored by the local government. In 2005, Mayor Ray Nagin proclaimed May 5th of that year the National Day of Reason. In 2009, the City Council issued a [Read More...]