Eric Hovind Offers Fake Apology After Using Flood Site for Pro-Creationism Video

Last week, I posted about how Creationist Eric Hovind suggested that erosion caused by an awful flooding in Pensacola, Florida was evidence that the Grand Canyon, too, could’ve been caused by the biblical Flood.

Yesterday, Hovind issued an “apology”… which is to say he doubled-down on his irrational thinking.

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S.E. Cupp Accuses Bill Nye of Bullying Others with Science

On CNN’s Crossfire the other night, conservative atheist host S.E. Cupp invited Bill Nye the Science Guy on the show to talk about climate change.

Her argument (and I’m giving her the benefit of the doubt here) was that the public doesn’t think climate change is really a problem. So how come scientists who say otherwise can’t get through to them?

That’s actually a great question. But the way she handled the conversation made it sound like scientists were doing something wrong by teaching the public about the facts.

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Creationist Ken Ham: Teaching Evolution to Children Reminds Me of This Quotation by Hitler

Here’s some unsolicited advice for everyone: Unless you’re referring to someone who wants to kill off an entire race of people, just don’t bring up Hitler when talking how you disagree with someone else. I mean, we have fallacies named after that.

Creationist Ken Ham hasn’t heard that advice before because he was reading an article about how we ought to be introducing evolution to children at a young age and guess where his mind went?

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A Compilation of Daniel Dennett’s Best Arguments and Retorts

It’s hard to forget the great things Daniel Dennett says in this compilation of his best moments:

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Creationist Says Pensacola Flooding is Proof of Grand Canyon Being Carved Out in Days; Geologists Say Otherwise

There’s been some nasty flooding in Pensacola, Florida over the past few days and Creationist Eric Hovind used the tragedy to his advantage.

In a video he uploaded yesterday, Hovind is seen interviewing people whose streets have been ruined and property damaged by the erosion. Why is he talking to them? To convince viewers that if destruction like that can happen in a short time span due to the rain, then the Grand Canyon could also have been created in a matter of days due to the mythical flood in Genesis.

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