Indiana Education Official Backs Out of Creationism Conference

Indiana Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Bennett recently met with Rev. Fredrick Boyd about a mentoring program in the schools. I’m going to assume for a moment that program would’ve been legal/kosher. Boyd asked Bennett if he would speak at his conference. Bennett said yes, thinking he’d be talking about education in his state. Yesterday [Read More...]

A PZ Myers-Led Tour of the Creation Museum

My fellow Secular Student Alliance board member Phil Ferguson is an avid Pharyngula reader and knows PZ Myers has an opinion or two about the Creation Museum. Since PZ is speaking at our conference the first weekend in August, he had an idea: Why not invite PZ to join us a day early, have as [Read More...]

Actual Scientists Visit the Creation Museum

Six dozen paleontologists visited the Creation Museum last week. There’s a joke in there somewhere. Amazingly, they were shocked by what they saw: “It’s like a theme park, but the problem is it masquerades as truth,” said Derek Briggs, a Yale University paleontologist. … The critique of scientists even extends to the gift shop, where [Read More...]

You’ll Love Me, Richard Dawkins

You may have heard Lady GaGa‘s popular song called “Paparazzi“: I’m your biggest fan I’ll follow you until you love me Papa — paparazzi Baby there’s no other superstar You know that I’ll be your Papa — paparazzi This prompted Janoova O. Kapoosa (a.k.a. ArcanusMemoria) to create a parody tribute to Richard Dawkins: I’m your [Read More...]

Star-Gazing Party Before Dragon*Con

For anyone attending Dragon*Con (September 4th through the 7th) in Atlanta, the Skeptics’ track just added a very cool new event taking place the evening before the conference: A star-gazing party, hosted by astronomers Phil Plait and Pamela Gay, with proceeds benefiting cancer research. All the details are here. (Thanks to Maria for the link!) [Read more...]