Badass Darwin is Pretty Cool

Everyone’s going to show this movie in their science classes, right? (via Funny or Die) [Read more...]

They’re Teaching WHAT in the Classroom?

This time, Christians have taken it *too* far: I’d be laughing harder if it weren’t equally as ludicrous as trying to force Intelligent Design into the classroom… (Thanks to Kevin for the link!) [Read more...]

Alabama Gubernatorial Candidate Attacked for Supporting Science

Bradley Byrne is a former Democrat, current Republican, running to become Governor of Alabama. His background includes degrees from Duke and the University of Alabama — he even served as Chancellor of Alabama’s community colleges — so you would think he has a decent head on his shoulders. He’s currently the subject of a rather [Read More...]

Knoxville Biology Textbook Gets Approved

Remember Kurt Zimmerman? He was the Knoxville, TN father who wanted an Honors Biology textbook banned because it included the following passage: (You can find the context of that quotation here.) Anyway, the Knox County school board listened to a review committee’s recommendation and voted 6-3 in favor of keeping the book. … although board [Read More...]

If Science Acted Like Religion…

I love this short little excerpt that’s been making the rounds from a talk Richard Dawkins gave at Berkeley. In it, he talks about how easily we would dismiss science if it shared certain similarities to religion: It’s amazing how easily I would’ve dismissed this for no good reason back when I was religious… [Read more...]