PZ Myers Becomes a Kentucky Colonel

After the Creation Museum trip, there was a surprise waiting for PZ Myers. He was led to the front of the museum, just outside the gates, and presented with… his certification for being named an official Kentucky Colonel! The award was presented by American Atheists legal director Edwin Kagin. This is the video I was [Read More...]

Secular Student Alliance Trip Featured on ABC News

I’m still in Ohio for a couple days wrapping up work with the Secular Student Alliance… more updates to come. Until then, there was a nice little piece about atheists “converging on the Creation Museum” at ABC News. (There may be more big stories to come…) One mistake in the article that has not yet [Read More...]

Tennessee Atheists May Be Interested In This…

To folks near Collierville, Tennessee (close to Memphis), there’s an event going on in your area next week at the Collierville Church of Christ you may want to attend: a “Truth About Human Origins” Seminar with Brad Harrub. Here’s the schedule: Friday August 14: 7:00PM: Atheism’s Attack on America Saturday, August 15: 6:30PM: Is Genesis [Read More...]

Sam Harris Has More to Say About Francis Collins

Sam Harris already published a much-discussed op-ed in The New York Times about why Francis Collins is a bad choice to head the National Institutes of Health. Yesterday, he published a longer version of that piece on his website — it’s a much more pointed, in-depth explanation of why Collins shouldn’t be offered this job. [Read More...]

Which College Majors Make You Less Religious?

A new study from the University of Michigan tells us some somewhat surprising news about college majors and their effect on religiosity. Majoring in which subjects would decrease your religiosity? (That is, make you less likely to go to church and less likely to view religion as a good thing) According to the study: the [Read More...]