It’s Even Funnier If You Think It’s About Vaccinations

I loved one of the commercial parodies from Saturday Night Live over the weekend. The setup is this (actual) commercial about high fructose corn syrup. The parody features Kristen Wiig (Mom 1) and Nasim Pedrad (Mom 2). If you can, watch it before you read the transcript below: Mom 1: Wow! You don’t care what [Read More...]

Singing About the “Disco Institute”

Musician Andrew Fox has a fantastic new song out called “Disco Institute” — Can you guess the inspiration…? It’s catchy, awesome, and the only party song I’ve ever heard that mocks intelligent Design and the people who perpetuate bad science. Here are a couple excerpts from the lyrics: Shut your mind off, Toss it down [Read More...]

Stop Redefining Gravity!

It takes a special kind of conservative Christian to try and use science to justify their beliefs when they’ve done so much to ruin science education… but that’s what Focus on the Family’s CitizenLink is doing in the video below. According to them, “redefining marriage” makes as much sense as “redefining gravity.” How many holes [Read More...]

Is Religious Belief Part of Human Nature?

***Update***: Since the posting, I’ve learned that this study was funded by the Templeton Foundation. Also, check out Paul’s comment below, where he notes this was not peer-reviewed in a scientific journal, nor was it vetted by science journalists. … A new study co-directed by Oxford University professor Roger Trigg says that “Religion comes naturally, [Read More...]

The New Richard Dawkins Book: The Magic of Reality

The cover of Richard Dawkins’ new book has just been released! It’s called The Magic of Reality: How We Know What’s Really True. I love the title — it’s much better than the original “working” title, What is a Rainbow, Really? But judging from the table of contents, it looks like it’s aimed at a [Read More...]