Darwin Day in New Orleans

New Orleans is on a roll this week! It’s not just a place for Mardi Gras and the Saints; it’s a place where secular values are being honored by the local government. In 2005, Mayor Ray Nagin proclaimed May 5th of that year the National Day of Reason. In 2009, the City Council issued a [Read More...]

The 2010 Outstanding Lifetime Achievement Award in Cultural Humanism Goes to…

The “Outstanding Lifetime Achievement Award in Cultural Humanism” is given out by the Harvard Secular Society on behalf of the Humanist Chaplaincy at Harvard and the American Humanist Association. The first year, the award went to Salman Rushdie. The second award went to lead singer of Bad Religion, Greg Graffin. Last year, it was Joss [Read More...]

Phylum Feast for Darwin Day

One way to celebrate Darwin Day is by having a “Phylum Feast” — that is, a potluck dinner where the items are as biologically diverse as possible. Hugh Kramer has an example of a menu used for such a feast: Mammalia: Minke Whale meat Aves: Smoked Turkey slices Teleostoma: Pickled Herring Bivalvia: Mya (clams) from [Read More...]

A Fair and Balanced Debate on… Everything?

I didn’t know FOX News Channel staged a debate between scientists and Creationists… Hope you didn’t miss the crawl at the bottom (via SMBC Theater) [Read more...]

A Carl Sagan Mosaic

Crispian Jago‘s work is absolutely beautiful: Science is a mosaic. Good science from disparate fields seems to conveniently converge to help us gradually gain a clearer overall view of our universe and make valid predictions based on that knowledge. No one joined this rich mosaic of scientists together more sublimely and eloquently and passionately communicated [Read More...]