Abstinence-Only Sex Education No Longer Federally Funded

President Barack Obama‘s getting criticized from the Left and the Right for his budget cutting. But one cut was definitely good for science advocates: Obama eliminated abstinence-only funding for sex education. The Secular Coalition for America had this to say (though this press release is not on their website at the time of this writing): [Read More...]

Chris Matthews Lets Creationist Tom Tancredo Off the Hook

Chris Matthews, you’ve disappointed me. Yesterday, he brought Republican Congressman Mike Pence on his show to ask how Republicans could be so anti-science when they know so little about it. Pence knew next to nothing about evolution and Matthews delivered an excellent smackdown. Today, to continue the same discussion, Matthews had on former Republican Congressman [Read More...]

Mike Pence (R-IN) Gets Hammered on his Creationism by Chris Matthews

If you want to denounce science, then you should first understand science. Mike Pence, a Congressperson from Indiana, can’t even come clean about his Creationist beliefs: A partial transcript: Matthews: Do you believe in evolution, sir? Pence: Umm… do I believe in evolution? I embrace the view that God created the heavens and the earth, [Read More...]

Update on Alberta Law

I mentioned yesterday how a draft law in Alberta, Canada could allow parents to remove children from classes when the topic (e.g. Evolution) contradicted religious beliefs. Lindsay Blackett, the provincial minister responsible for human rights, says this is not going to be the case: “This is opt-out on religious instruction not on grounds of religious [Read More...]

Alberta Schools to Make Knowledge Optional

I thought Canadians were supposed to be better than we Americans when it came to education issues… we’re the country that can “boast” of the Creation Museum, forbids gay marriage in all but four states, and kept George W. Bush in office for eight years. Maybe Canada’s trying to catch up to our stupidity. At [Read More...]