The Quantum (and Autotuned) World

There’s a new video in the excellent Symphony of Science series. This once focuses on “The Quantum World” and features Morgan Freeman, Stephen Hawking, Michio Kaku, Brian Cox, Richard Feynman, and Frank Close. [Read more...]

Clips from Various Atheist Speakers

There’s no rhyme or reason to why these atheists (and not others) are included in the awesome compilation below but, damn, is it fun to watch: MegaZeusThor also made a (non-autotuned!) compilation of science educators. It has Neil deGrasse Tyson. Does anything else even matter? Now, let’s hope people randomly stumble onto those videos… (via [Read More...]

FOX News Says Rick Perry’s Four-Month-Old Prayers Have Been Answered!

Remember back in April when Texas Governor Rick Perry told citizens to pray for rain? Nearly four months later, FOX News is declaring the prayers to have worked! (Seriously.) LiberalViewer calls FOX out on this and points out how the drought problem hasn’t actually gotten any better. This is something religious people do allllll the [Read More...]

The Musical Version of The Selfish Gene

Yep. Richard Dawkins‘ classic book has somehow/strangely/seriously been turned into a musical and it’s opening today. Jonathan Salway has a background in theatre, not biology, but when he read Dawkins’s book, the clarity of writing, the fascinating subject matter and even the humour so inspired him that he felt compelled to transform it into musical [Read More...]

You Mean They Don’t Believe in a God…? I’m Shocked

What do 50 of the most renowned academic minds have to say about God? Dr. Jonathan Pararajasingham put together a film with their responses. It’s over 30 minutes long, so if there are any particular parts you think we should pay special attention to, please leave the timestamp in the comments! Someone at 3quarksdaily pointed [Read More...]