101 Damnations

Looks like there are currently 101 people signed up with the Secular Student Alliance to join PZ Myers on a tour through the Creation Museum! All the info is here if you’d like to join us! [Read more...]

Creation Movie to Tell Charles Darwin’s Story

A movie based on the life of Charles Darwin — ironically, called Creation — will get its premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival on September 10th. As if the story wasn’t enticing enough, Darwin’s wife Emma is played by Jennifer Connelly (who is also the real-life wife of Paul Bettany, the actor who plays [Read More...]

The Debate Over Unscientific America

Last night, I went out with a friend from high school. Let’s call her… Bob. Bob’s an engineer and she’s religious. At some point, conversation turned to God (I swear, it always does when I’m around…) and I mentioned that I’d been reading a lot of the back and forth over Chris Mooney and Sheril [Read More...]

Francis Collins Is a Good Pick to Head National Institutes of Health

Francis Collins, the famed geneticist, was selected to head the National Institutes of Health by President Obama. Here’s what I’ve been hearing from other atheists. Pro: He’s a brilliant scientist. Con: He believes in God. They all bring up that he’s an evangelical Christian and the author of The Language of God: A Scientist Presents [Read More...]

The Creation Museum Supports Evolution?

Kenneth Chang of The New York Times wrote about actual scientists visiting the Creation Museum the other day. He now adds one addendum to that piece. It appears the Creation Museum actually espouses evolution. Chang explains the Creationist view that Noah’s Ark did not hold “two of every animal,” rather it held “two of every [Read More...]