Creationist Ken Ham’s New Exhibit Will Show Humans Battling Giants and Dinosaurs in a Large Arena

You know what Ark Encounter needs? More nonsense.


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NBA Superstar Kyrie Irving: “This Is Not Even a Conspiracy Theory… The Earth Is Flat”

In case you’re wondering what NBA star Kyrie Irving thinks about the shape of the planet, you’re in luck!


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Can You Convince Robert De Niro That Vaccines Are Safe? There’s $100,000 In It For You

Are you a scientist? Would you like to make some money? Well! It’s your lucky day, because Robert De Niro and Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. are offering a cash prize to any scientist who can prove to them that vaccines are safe.


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Couple That Needed Surgery, Infertility Drugs, and IVF to Get Pregnant Thanks God For the Miracle

At some point, shouldn’t credit go to people who actually deserve it?


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The Creation Museum’s New “I Wonder” Ad Campaign Doesn’t Make a Damn Bit of Sense

Ken Ham has announced a new advertising campaign for the Creation Museum, with commercials airing this week on a number of basic cable networks. Just one problem: The ads don’t promote the Creation Museum.


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