Science Teachers Under Fire for Saying Creationists Are “Trying to Mislead” Students

It’s rough out there for science teachers. Even the good ones — the ones who teach evolution and climate change and other “controversial” topics — have to deal with parents who will inevitably complain about their children learning anything that contradicts their faith.

So, at first glance, you have to appreciate teachers who can explain to students why “evolution is just a theory” is a silly thing to say. It’s not a random guess; it’s a powerful explanation for everything we know. Gravity is a theory. General relativity is a theory. Theories are amazing.

That’s what some teachers at Heritage Middle School in Florida tried to get across to eighth graders, with a reading assignment that included the following passage:

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A Compilation of Sean Carroll’s Best Arguments and Comebacks

Here’s an excellent compilation of physicist Sean Carroll‘s best arguments and comebacks.

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The Associated Press Will Stop Referring to Climate Change Doubters as “Skeptics”

Sen. James Inhofe is frequently referred to as a “skeptic” of climate change. But he’s more accurately a “denier” of it.

Skepticism is generally a good thing. We should be skeptical when people believe things that may not be true. But when the science is solid and the evidence points in one direction, raising questions about the efficacy of vaccines or human contribution to climate change only confuses the public. At that point, you’re not just asking questions. You’re denying reality.

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Charles Darwin’s Atheism Confession Has Sold at Auction for Nearly $200,000

A letter in which Charles Darwin explained how he didn’t believe in the Christian God has sold at auction for £127,000 ($195,000), between two and three times more than original estimates.

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If Jenny McCarthy Wrote a Lullaby, This Would Be It

Why are you all so prejudiced against measles? What have they ever done to you?!

Roy Zimmerman sings about “Polio-phobia” and why we ought to “give measles a chance” in this hilarious song (that is very pro-vaccination, in case there’s any confusion):

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