The Science of Hydrodynamic Levitation

You might think there’s no way a ball can balance on its side atop a stream of water like this… but it’s fascinating to watch.

It’s even better when you understand how it all works.


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The Science Behind the “Rolling Shutter” Effect

The “rolling shutter” effect — which explains how your phone takes pictures — is fascinating science.

And this video offers a really excellent explanation of how it works, courtesy of Destin Sandlin.


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FL Gov. Signs Law Making It Easier for Citizens to Challenge Science Education

Florida Gov. Rick Scott has signed into law a bill that will make it easier for residents of the state — not just elected officials or parents of students — to challenge instructional material in school districts.

The law will create an easier path for anti-science kooks to challenge the teaching of evolution and climate change.


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The White House Office of Science and Tech Policy Has No Science Division Now

Earlier today, the last three members of the science division of the White House’s Office of Science and Technology Policy — all holdovers from the Obama administration — left the building for good.

There is no more science division under the Trump administration.


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Stephen Colbert Gets a Lesson on Quantum Physics from Brian Greene

Physicist Brian Greene appeared on The Late Show the other night to discuss the famous double-slit experiment — which just celebrated its 90th anniversary.

He also helped Stephen Colbert conduct a lesson on quantum physics that involves liquid nitrogen, levitation, and magnets.


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