Flat-Earthers Just Put Up a Billboard Urging Everyone To Do Some “Research”

Because the problem with our understanding of the shape of the planet is that no one’s ever studied it before…


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John Oliver Denounces the GOP’s Distressing Denial of Climate Change

Republicans say a lot of things about climate change, but their inaction on the issue and their withdrawal from the Paris climate accord last week shows that they have no clue how big of a deal this is.


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Pastor Sarcastically Calls Himself a “Transclimatist” in Swipe at LGBT Community

In response to mounting criticism of Donald Trump’s decision to pull out of the Paris climate accord, one pastor made an unusual analogy: He implied being transgender is just like saying people can “decide what temperature they want the earth to be.”


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Creationist Ken Ham: “I’m Not a White Person”

Can someone please get this man a Bible with a mirror inside?


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An Atheist Added Subtitles to a Creationist Video (Again), Making It Much, Much Better

You won’t learn anything from the video itself, but the subtitles will make it worthwhile.


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