Little Girl to Republican Rep. Jason Chaffetz: “Do You Believe in Science? Because I Do!”

A little girl has a chance to ask a question to Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) and she made it count.


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This Brief Video Explains Common Misconceptions About Evolution

In an excellent new video for SciShow, Hank Green goes over some common falsehoods about evolution. I know you’re not fooled by any of them, but you may want to pass this video along to all your relatives on Facebook who are.


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Bill Nye Saves the World Will Be Released on Netflix on April 21

If the trailer for Season 1 is any indication, they’re going all out to make science interesting for people who might otherwise ignore it.


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Ken Ham is Still Obsessed with Bill Nye, Years After Their Viral Debate

Bill Nye is like the girlfriend you broke up with who’s dated several people since breaking up with you.

Ken Ham is the ex-boyfriend staring longingly at her second-story window from outside the house in the rain.


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Texas Republican Proposes Legislation to Weaken the Teaching of Evolution in Schools

Texas State Rep. Valoree Swanson is the latest Republican to propose legislation that would weaken science standards.


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