Amid Sarah Palin Debate Rumors, Bill Nye Goes Live to Say It’s Not True

After the bombardment of fallacious rumors surrounding Bill Nye‘s appearance following a climate change denial propaganda film, Nye himself took to Facebook Live to set the record straight — he’s not debating Sarah Palin, he’s not appearing on the panel (aside from a video clip), and he wasn’t even invited to the shit-show.


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If You Look Closely at the New “Tree of Life,” You’ll Find This Hidden Gem

You may have heard that scientists recently proposed a new “Tree of Life” in the journal Nature Microbiology:


Science aside, there’s a nifty little easter egg in the Eukaryotes section:

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NASA Shows Up on Bill Nye’s Facebook Post to Scorch Climate Change Deniers

A handful of climate change deniers thought they had their ground covered when they started commenting on a Facebook post by Bill Nye the Science Guy, until one denialist misrepresented NASA’s data, unintentionally summoning the agency.


In an epic fashion, the official NASA Climate Change account arrived at the thread and delivered a smackdown against misinformation — they brought charts, too!

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A Republican from Colorado is Running for the U.S. House on a Platform of Church/State Separation

If you drew a Venn Diagram of the modern Republican Party and conservative Christianity, there would be a hell of a lot of overlap. They’re anti-gay, anti-woman, anti-sex positivity, anti-science, etc.

That’s why Nic Morse stands out.


He’s a Christian Republican running for the U.S. House from Colorado’s 2nd District — which currently leans blue. Even though the primaries haven’t taken place yet, Morse is the only Republican in the race, meaning he’ll be the person challenging incumbent Rep. Jared Polis this November.

When you read Morse’s stances on the issues, it won’t surprise you that he supports the Second Amendment, says he’s pro-life, and doesn’t want Colorado to accept Syrian refugees.

However, he also says he unequivocally supports church/state separation.

Not exactly part of the conservative checklist.

But does he really mean it? Just how far will his conservatism allow him to follow that principle?

That’s what I wanted to know. So over the course of several emails, Morse answered a number of my questions on these topics. I tried to cover a range of subjects instead of debating each one of them separately, for better or for worse. Our (slightly edited) conversation is below:

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The Real Concern Regarding Climate Change

In this short, helpful video, Vox explains one of the biggest misconceptions about climate change: The worry isn’t that the planet is doomed by the changing temperature. It’s that our species may be doomed.


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