Texas Bill That Would Have Weakened the Teaching of Evolution in Schools Dies in Committee

Thank Darwin: A Republican-sponsored bill to weaken science standards didn’t make it out of committee.


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The Light Before the (Eternal) Darkness

The sun, like all of us, will die eventually. And while that might sound really depressing, it’s actually incredible that we know how that’s going to happen… because it leaves open the possibility we could take advantage of that knowledge.


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Stephen Hawking Doesn’t Know How Earth Will End, Says Creationist Who Doesn’t Know How Earth Began

Who are you going to believe: The man whose life has been dedicated to exploring the boundaries of science or the man whose entire mode of thinking exists fully outside those boundaries?


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FL Lawmakers Pass Bill Making It Easier for Citizens to Challenge the Teaching of Science

Remember: this is Florida. There’s no shortage of people who will take advantage of the new bill, which now awaits a signature from climate denier Gov. Rick Scott.


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Donald Trump Still Wants “Vaccine Safety” Commission, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Says

Donald Trump is still pursuing the creation of a “vaccine safety commission” that will investigate the repeatedly debunked link between vaccines and autism, according to notorious anti-vaxxer Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who would lead the commission.


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