Mark Zuckerberg, in Five Words, Reminds Us of the Importance of Vaccines

It’s so easy to dislike someone with Mark Zuckerberg‘s wealth or influence, but hats off to the guy. Not only did he pledge to give away the bulk of his fortune, he made sure to tell the world that his newborn daughter’s getting vaccinated:


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Scientists Reject Creationism Because They Don’t Read Its “Scholarly” Literature, Says Creationist

According to the new hire at Answers in Genesis, Dr. Nathaniel Jeanson, there are perfectly good reasons so many scientists reject Creationism.

They go to public schools, for example. And how do you expect to learn any real science when the curriculum is dictated by practicing scientists and expert educators and you use textbooks that don’t have “Bible” on the cover?

They also don’t read any Creationist literature. If they did, he argues, they would totally abandon that whole “we need evidence” nonsense.

Creationists think this represents science

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Science: It’s Not a Belief

From one of the men who brought you Monty Python’s Life of Brian:


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ACLU Sues Catholic Hospital for Selectively Choosing Which Women Can Have Tubal Ligations

As we’ve said on this site many times before, Catholic hospitals are more interested in following arbitrary faith-based rules than doing what’s best for patients.

One of the best examples is a tubal ligation procedure. If you’re a woman who’s giving birth and you’re having a C-section, you might decide that you’re also done having kids and you’d like to have your tubes tied so there are no unplanned pregnancies in the future.


The doctor is already performing surgery, so performing a tubal ligation actually lets you kill two birds with one stone. It’s a safe procedure. Medical professionals even say that if you want your tubes tied, doing it during a C-section is a good idea because it doesn’t require an additional surgery.

But none of that matters to the bishops who control these hospitals. Sterilization runs contrary to God’s Will, so such procedures are denied, even if it’s in the best interests of the patients.

Now, the ACLU is suing Dignity Health in California because its client, Rebecca Chamorro, was denied a tubal ligation at Mercy Medical Center, putting her at risk if she were to have another child. Their lawsuit says California law trumps the religious whims of hospital administrators:

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Noah’s Ark Theme Park Ad Promotes a Story That’s “4,000 Years” Old

The first promotional ad is now online for Ark Encounter, the Noah’s Ark theme park opening up this summer. And just to remind you that we’re talking about Young Earth Creationists here, it includes the tagline, “After more than 4,000 years, it’s your moment to encounter the ark.”


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