Ohio School District’s New CEO Cuts Creationism and Intelligent Design from Science Curriculum

An Ohio school district’s new CEO has nixed any mentions of Creationism and Intelligent Design from the science curriculum, bringing their standards in line with the rest of the state and making sure students receive a proper science education.


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Ken Ham Is Freaked Out That Students at Christian Colleges Aren’t Taking Creationism Seriously

Creationist Ken Ham just posted an excerpt from his book Already Compromised — all about how even some Christian universities dare to teach actual science instead of biblical literalism. It’s fascinating to see how people like Ham can’t deal with the fact that even evangelical Christians can’t stay in a bubble forever.


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Bill Nye Will Soon Have a Science-Themed Talk Show on Netflix

It’s about damn time he’s back on television. Or Netflix. (Same thing at this point, really.) Bill Nye Saves the World is set to premiere next spring:


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Thin-Skinned Conservative Writer Ends Column After Unfairly Criticizing Neil deGrasse Tyson

Conservative talk show host Neal Larson says he’ll end his column for the Idaho-based Twin Falls Times-News after receiving tons of backlash for an article criticizing Neil deGrasse Tyson. That piece included “evidence” that came from a satirical website, and Tyson himself called out Larson’s lies.


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Explaining the RNA World Hypothesis

How did life begin? RNA may hold the clues to our origins, and the RNA World Hypothesis attempts to explain that.

The team at Stated Clearly does a nice job of explaining that theory:


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