Podcast Ep. 140: The Producers of the Documentary We Believe in Dinosaurs

Our latest podcast guests are Monica Long Ross and Amy Ellison, two of the producers at 137 Films, a non-profit production company based in Chicago that promotes science through storytelling.

Their latest project, currently in post-production, is called We Believe in Dinosaurs, all about Noah’s Ark, Creationism, and America’s troubled relationship with science.


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How Do I Shake the Hand of This Gas Station Owner?

Reader Sarah spotted this sign outside her local BP gas station:


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Here’s a Wonderful Compilation of Two Fine Communicators Talking About God, Climate, and Science

Carl Sagan and Neil deGrasse Tyson have said quite a bit in their interviews about God, climate change, and the wonder of science. Not that it’s a contest, but in this video, you get to see those comments one after another.


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Trump Advisor: Scientists Were Wrong About a Flat Earth, So Let’s Ignore Them on Climate Change

A member of Donald Trump‘s transition team told CNN that he didn’t trust scientists about climate change because they’ve been wrong before, like when they said the Earth was flat (which they didn’t do).


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Donald Trump’s Administration Doesn’t Give a Damn About Science

Lawrence Krauss has a blistering critique of the anti-science conservatives filling up the swamp in Donald Trump‘s Cabinet and transition team. They deny climate change, they deny evolution, and they’re being rewarded for their ignorance with more power than they could possibly imagine.


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