The City of Williamstown (KY) Says Ark Encounter is “Historically Authentic”

It’s one thing for Answers in Genesis to promote the Creation Museum and Ark Encounter as scientifically sound. Sure, it’s a lie, but it’s a lie in the name of Jesus. That makes it okay, you see.

It’s really disturbing, though, when the local communities that rely on attendance to Ark Encounter for revenue say the same kinds of things. And that’s what’s happening in Williamstown, Kentucky, where the people who run the town’s website seem to think the Christian attraction is based in reality:


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What We Can Learn from a 1991 Measles Epidemic

Dr. Paul Offit is one of the foremost defenders of vaccines. In 2014, he gave a talk at the Center for Inquiry about how a preventable disease had a resurgence in Philadelphia more than two decades earlier, in large part due to irresponsible parents who had religious reasons for avoiding vaccinations for their kids.

Due to outreach to those communities and better vaccine education in the community, however, the outbreak wasn’t nearly as bad as it could have been. That story, Offit says, contains plenty of lessons for us today, as there are still vaccine deniers out there.


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Mike Pence in 2002: We “Have Seen the Consequence Over the Last 77 Years” of Teaching Evolution

In 2002, then-Congressman Mike Pence delivered a defense of Creationism on the House floor, proving that he doesn’t understand evolution, much less what the word “theory” means in science. He also suggested that educating children about evolution has led to serious problems over the years.


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This May Be the Worst Science Textbook Ever

How bad is one of the more popular science textbooks for homeschooling Christians? My colleague Jonny Scaramanga pointed out the issues with just a couple of the pages in a second grade textbook used in the Accelerated Christian Education program. Here’s a glimpse:


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Pareidolia at Work: The “Smiley Face” Volcano

Last week, filmmaker Mick Kalber and pilot Colin Burkhardt flew over the Pu’u O’o crater in Hawaii when they caught the lava inside in a familiar position:


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