Why Do Climate Change Deniers Reject Sound Science? A New Paper Has Some Theories

Why do so many people deny climate change? That’s the question at the heart of a new paper, published in the journal Synthese. The authors attempt to understand what’s going on in the minds of deniers and why they reject sound science:


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Sean Carroll Quickly Summarizes the Power of Science and the Biggest Flaw with Religion

The title of this video is “In Two Minutes Sean Carroll Nails Everything,” and he’ll definitely put a smile on your face. But he didn’t nail everything.

He forgot to drop the mic at the end.


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Gary Johnson: Why Bother Tackling Climate Change When the Sun Will Eventually Engulf the Earth?

If you’re Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson and you want to get everyone’s mind off of how you didn’t immediately know what Aleppo was, how do you do it?

Apparently by saying we shouldn’t worry about tackling climate change because our whole species will eventually die out.


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Here Are 10 Ways Humans Are Still Evolving

Did you know humans are still evolving today? We are! (Even in Kentucky.)

In this entertaining video, Sally Le Page and Matthew Santoro explain several ways we’ve adapted as a species.


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Mother Explains How She Changed Her Anti-Vaxxer Views After Her Kids Nearly Died From Rotavirus

Kristen O’Meara‘s three children — a 5-year-old and 3-year-old twins — all caught rotavirus around the same time last year. That’s a potentially fatal disease that vaccines usually prevent… but O’Meara had never gotten her kids vaccinated.

She tells her story in New York Post, and you’ll be pleased to know there’s a happy ending.


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