Jehovah’s Witnesses Reject Blood Transfusions, but Doctors Are Finding New Ways to Save Their Lives

There’s a saying that creativity comes from limits, not freedom. When you’re confined to work within certain parameters, and the easiest options aren’t available, you really have to dig deep to solve your problems.

It’s something doctors have had to grapple with when working with Jehovah’s Witnesses. The religion famously prohibits blood transfusions, and any Witness who accepts it will essentially be shunned for life. Children have died as a result of their parents not allowing a transfusion to take place.

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Five Reasons You Should Back The Bill Nye Film Kickstarter

If you haven’t heard of the forthcoming documentary about Bill Nye, slickly titled The Bill Nye Film, welcome back to planet Earth. You’re just in time to take part!

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Catholics in Kenya Oppose Polio Vaccine for Unscientific Reasons

An article from NPR notes that Africa has hit the one year mark for being polio free. This great news, however, is followed by a troubling report from Kenya — that Catholic bishops and doctors there are opposing some of the very efforts that have made this milestone possible.


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We’re All Gonna Die… in 100,000,000,000 Years

According to research by scientists at the International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research in Western Australia, our universe is losing energy much faster than we thought, and we can only survive for another 100 billion years:

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Study Shows That if You Live Next to Natural Beauty, You Are Less Likely to Be Religious

Have you ever walked to your backyard to catch a glimpse of a beautiful mountain or lake in the distance?

Then you just might be an atheist.

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