Supreme Court Rejects Lawsuit Claiming the Teaching of Evolution in Kansas Promotes Atheism

In 2013, the Kansas State Board of Education was sued for the unbelievable crime of promoting atheism by way of evolution. But with the Supreme Court declining to hear the case yesterday, this years-long nightmare is finally over, and science education is safe.


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An Epic Rap Battle Between Ash Ketchum and Charles Darwin

It’s the fight you’ve been waiting for: Charles Darwin versus Ash Ketchum, a person I had never heard of until I wrote this post. (He’s something something Pokémon.)


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Pediatricians Are Increasingly Cutting Parents Loose if They Won’t Vaccinate Their Kids

Pediatricians are increasingly refusing to see parents who won’t vaccinate their kids in order to protect their other patients. And they’re finally getting the institutional support they need from the American Academy of Pediatrics.


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After Brexit and Trump, Richard Dawkins Urges New Zealand to Embrace Scientists Eager to Move

The United States just elected a man who thinks climate change is a hoax and whose running mate thinks evolution is a hoax. And in Britain, where the European Union funded a good chunk of research, the Brexit vote has left scientists scrambling for resources.

What should scientists do? Richard Dawkins, writing for Scientific American, urges New Zealand to put out the welcome mat for them.


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In Montana, a Democratic Governor Narrowly Defeated His Creationist Opponent

Here’s a bright spot in an otherwise awful Election Day: Montana Governor Steve Bullock was re-elected, defeating Republican Creationist Greg Gianforte.


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