Christian Writer: Atheists Won’t Accept Christopher Hitchens’ Faith Because They’re “Afraid of God”

Christian author Eric Metaxas’ latest essay in the Wall Street Journal is in defense of Larry Alex Taunton, the opportunist who wrote a book suggesting the late Christopher Hitchens had doubts about his atheism.

How do you defend an argument that Hitch’s closest friends and colleagues — in addition to the man himself when he was still alive — have repeatedly said is complete bunk?

If you’re Metaxas, you just accuse the critics of being closed-minded and intolerant.


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Tennessee Doctor Says His Clinic Won’t Administer Vaccines Anymore Because “They Can Cause Autism”

Cool Springs Family Medicine in Franklin, Tennessee is one of those places that embraces “integrative” medicine, a buzzword that refers to care that goes beyond medicine… to things like alternative medicine and other sham treatments. At worst, you’d think that’s just a waste of time and money.

But this particular clinic just went from not-helpful to downright dangerous.


The staff announced this week that they would no longer administer vaccines to patients because — and I’m quoting here — “they can cause Autism.”

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They Always Get in the Way of Science…

Wiley Miller reminds us that scientific progress often requires going around religious obstacles:


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More Frequent Porn-Watching Can Boost Religiosity, Researcher Finds

Religious people can finally watch a ton of porn and feel pious about it. A little porn won’t do, but a lot of it might really deepen their commitment to religion.

In the latest issue of the Journal of Sex Research, Sociologist Samuel L. Perry of the University of Oklahoma writes that, on the whole, the correlation between pornography use and religiosity runs as most of us probably expect:


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Rush Limbaugh: Evolution is False Because That Cincinnati Zoo Gorilla Never Turned Into a Human

Rush Limbaugh, whose science degree I assume is lost in the mail somewhere, announced on his show yesterday that evolution must be false because Harambe, the gorilla who was killed at the Cincinnati Zoo over the weekend, never turned into a human.


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