Louisiana Legislator on Education Subcommittee Says Creationism is True Because We Found Noah’s Ark

In Louisiana, where there’s still a(n unenforceable) law on the books that says Creationism can be taught alongside evolution, the Senate Education Committee voted 4-2 this week to leave that old law in place.

Why would they want to do that? Because, as State Senator John Milkovich said during the committee hearings, there’s plenty of proof in defense of Creationism:


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Ken Ham: If Non-Stick Frying Pans Existed in Ancient Times, Noah’s Ark Totally Makes Sense

I was seriously ready to tip my hat to Creationist Ken Ham for pulling a fast one over all of us.

He has to know that atheists read what he says, and he must have decided, “Wouldn’t it be funny if I said something really crazy? Those atheists would believe it because they’re not real skeptics, and I’d have a good laugh at their expense.”

That had to be the reason for this tweet:


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This Is Perhaps the Finest Humanistic Text In Existence — and Chances Are You’ve Never Read It

A couple of days ago, I casually mentioned the Hippocratic Oath, and it occurred to me that while I knew what it says in general terms, I’d never actually read the whole thing (kinda like most politicians and the Constitution, or most Christians and the Bible).

So out of curiosity, I looked it up — and I was floored. Seriously: this is the most inspiring and beautiful text I’ve read it all year. Much love and admiration are due to every doctor — and every nurse — who truly practices according to these principles.

It even mentions God… in a fully appropriate, non-cringe-inducing way.


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FDA Updates Abortion Drug Guidelines To Be More Scientifically Accurate, Angering “Pro-Lifers”

Last year in May, Danco Laboratories, which makes the abortion-inducing drug Mifeprex (mifepristone), filed paperwork with the FDA to update the guidelines for use of the drug. Give further research on how it works, they wanted to loosen the restrictions on who could use it and when.

The political implications were certainly not lacking — anti-abortion lawmakers throughout the country have passed laws to enforce strict adherence to the guidelines (which in this case were simply not accurate anymore) rather than deferring to medical experts. But to the surprise of many, the guidelines were indeed updated. Politics had nothing to do with it. Instead, the basis for the change was — wait for it — scientific progress.


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Louisiana Politicians Refuse to Repeal the State’s Illegal Pro-Creationism Law

As I posted a couple of weeks ago, there’s a law still on the books in Louisiana that says if evolution is taught in public schools, then Creationism can be taught as well.

It’s obviously illegal, but unless the state legislature takes action to remove it, it’s going to stay there.

Removing that law is what Republican State Senator Dan Claitor tried to do with Senate Bill 156.


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