Donald Trump’s Administration Doesn’t Give a Damn About Science

Lawrence Krauss has a blistering critique of the anti-science conservatives filling up the swamp in Donald Trump‘s Cabinet and transition team. They deny climate change, they deny evolution, and they’re being rewarded for their ignorance with more power than they could possibly imagine.


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Here, Ken Ham. I Corrected One of Your Tweets.

Creationist Ken Ham went on another Twitter rant this morning, so I thought I’d help him out by making a few corrections to a particularly bad one.


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Ken Ham Slams Ark Encounter Documentary About Our Nation’s “Troubled Relationship With Science”

A forthcoming documentary offers an inside look at Ark Encounter, the Noah’s Ark theme park, and what it says about “America’s troubled relationship with science.” So, of course, Ken Ham is already sowing doubts about the filmmakers’ motives.


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Creationist Ken Ham: Scientists Have Changed Their Minds Before, Therefore Evolution Is False

This morning, Creationist Ken Ham went on a Twitter tirade about how science (real science, not the kind he believes in) is a joke because it self-corrects over time.


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Scientists Found a 99-Million-Year-Old Dinosaur Tail Trapped in Amber. What Will Creationists Say?

According to an article published yesterday in the journal Current Biology, scientists have discovered a part of a dinosaur’s tail preserved in amber that’s approximately 99 million years old.


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