Appeals Court Rejects Lawsuit Claiming the Teaching of Evolution in Kansas Promotes Atheism

It’s not very often that you hear this, but the Kansas State Board of Education was on the right side of the science debate in a lawsuit they’ve been dealing with for years now. And they just won another major battle.


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Jehovah’s Witnesses Release Video Arguing That Evolution is a Myth

In the latest JW Broadcasting video put out by the Watchtower Society leadership, there’s a segment that discusses how evolution is a hoax. It comes by way of interviews with two JW scientists: Yaroslav Dovhanych, a Russian zoologist, and Professor Raj Kalaria, a brain researcher at England’s Newcastle University.

Thankfully, JW watchdog Lloyd Evans is there to dissect their lies.

You can see the relevant segment beginning at the 46:15 mark below:


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Hey, Bill Nye: Please Don’t Debate Sarah Palin on Climate Change

For the past couple of days, rumors have been flying around on the internet that Bill Nye would be “debating” Sarah Palin after a screening of the film Climate Hustle, the work of climate change-denier Marc Morano.

The debate, as you might have figured out, was never going to happen. Nye wasn’t even going to be on the post-screening panel, much less arguing about the subject with Palin. Nye’s appearance was limited to being shown in a clip from the movie.

But now that the rumor is spreading, Nye seems to think this would actually be a good idea, tweeting this yesterday:

Bill Nye Debate Palin

That sound you hear is the collective groan of sensible people everywhere…

Let me walk you through my entire thought process after hearing Nye was interested.

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Canada’s Prime Minister Took a Reporter’s Sarcastic Comment About Quantum Computing and Ran With It

There are world leaders who say they love science… and then there’s Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau:


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Does Bill Nye Really Want To Put Climate-Change Deniers in Jail?

The Washington Times ran an eye-catching headline yesterday:

Bill Nye, the science guy, is open to criminal charges and jail time for climate change dissenters

Oh noooo, Mr. Bill!

The allegation comes after Nye did a video interview with Climate Depot activist Marc Morano, a global-warming denier who is also the man behind a skeptical film, Climate Hustle, that will premiere next month.


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