The Big Bang Is Just a Belief (Debunked)

Creationist Ken Ham recently tweeted that the Big Bang was merely a belief, as if any explanation for the origins of the universe is plausible because we didn’t see the Big Bang happen.

YouTuber Rationality Rules explains why Ham’s argument makes no sense in under three minutes.


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The Vaccine That Causes Autism Has Finally Found Its Proper Home

The meeting of imaginary creatures has now come to order and there’s a brand new member.


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Religious Right Activist: Evolution is a Hoax Because Only God Could Make a Skunk’s Farts Stink

Religious Right activist Dave Daubenmire says evolution can’t be true because there’s no possible way for nature to change one species into another. And he attempts to prove it by bringing up cake and skunks.


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Iowa Legislator Who Backed Anti-Science Bill Is Blocking Critics Online (But We Have Screenshots)

Iowa State Rep. Skyler Wheeler won’t stop demonstrating his ignorance and cowardice.


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Iowa Legislator Who Sponsored Anti-Science Bill Is Parading His Ignorance of Evolution on Facebook

Iowa State Rep. Skyler Wheeler, the legislator who co-sponsored a now-dead bill that would have forced science teachers to include “opposing points of view or beliefs” on subjects like evolution and global warming, isn’t done defending his pathetic bill.


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