Creationist Ken Ham Promotes the Joke Book He Calls a Research Journal

Yesterday, Creationist Ken Ham promoted the Answers Research Journal, his ministry’s response to scientific publications.


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Did Bill Nye Really Say Ken Ham’s “Followers Believe That He’s a Messiah”? Not Exactly

An Australian Channel 7 news reporter, Steve Pennells, recently came to the U.S. to cover a story on Ken Ham‘s tax subsidy-milking Biblical amusement park, Ark Encounter, fetching interviews with both Ham and Bill Nye. But if the segment’s teaser is any indication, it seems Pennells wasn’t interested in the facts — rather, he crafted his own sensationalized version of the story.


That 40-second teaser led Ham to a blog meltdown earlier today, and pushed us to contact Nye for the full story.

As usual, what we found is that Ham assumed the worst and was quick to jump to conclusions. The truth, however, is much more nuanced than he’d like to think.

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Despite What the Media Says, Going to Church Doesn’t Necessarily Lead to a Longer Life

Does going to church really help you live longer? That’s what a new scientific study suggests, according to many news outlets.

But the facts say something very, very different.


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Brazil’s President Hand-Picks Men-Only Cabinet — Including a Science Minister Who’s a Creationist

Via the National Post:

The new Brazilian president’s first pick for science minister was a creationist. He [also] chose a soybean tycoon who has deforested large tracts of the Amazon rain forest to be his agriculture minister. And he is the first leader in decades to have no women in his Cabinet.


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Creationist Ken Ham Goes on Reason Rally Rant on Twitter

Ken Ham can’t understand why atheists are gathering in Washington, D.C. next month for the Reason Rally. So he went on a long Twitter rant yesterday answering his own question.

In short, he thinks atheists are getting together to worship themselves. Because if we’re not worshiping God, there must be something to fill that hole in our hearts.


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