Watch Arian Foster and Bill Nye Discuss Physics, Atheism, and Einstein

There are people who love science and people who love sports, and all of them are going to enjoy this conversation between Bill Nye and former NFL star (and out atheist) Arian Foster:


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Tea Party Co-Founder: Want to Win Over the GOP on Renewable Energy? Never Mention “Climate Change”

What does it say about a political party when pointing out established science discredits you in their eyes?


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Montana House Candidate Greg Gianforte Won’t Say Whether He Accepts Evolution (Because He Doesn’t)

Say hello to Greg Gianforte, someone who is all-but-guaranteed to be Montana’s next U.S. House representative, and someone who rejects science because the Bible told him to.


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Creationist Ken Ham Spent 20 Minutes Whining About An Atheist Attorney’s Trip to Ark Encounter

After an attorney from the Freedom From Religion Foundation took video of his trip to Ark Encounter, Ken Ham told the Answers in Genesis staff about “how misinformation and outright lies are being spread by this atheist group, one that aggressively opposes Christianity.”


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We’re All Happy Accidents Who Take Great Joy in Telling People That

It’s true. This really does make me happy.


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