Weather Channel Scientist Slams Breitbart for Using Her Image to Cast Doubt on Climate Change

Right-wing propaganda website Breitbart recently posted an article downplaying the effects of global warming. That piece included a video featuring Weather Channel meteorologist Kait Parker, suggesting that her reporting backed up their conspiracy theory. She responded yesterday with a glorious takedown of their lies.


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A Possible Science Advisor to Donald Trump Called Noah’s Ark Theme Park “Amazing”

There’s some speculation by right-wing websites that Rep. Thomas Massie, a Republican Congressman from Kentucky, could become either the director of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy or the next Secretary of Energy. It would be a disturbing pick by Donald Trump (surprise!) in part because Massie denies the science behind climate change. It’s also disturbing because of what Massie said about the anti-evolution Ark Encounter theme park.


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Donald Trump’s Pick for Health And Human Services Secretary Belongs to a Sham Medical Organization

On Tuesday, Donald Trump announced that he’d picked Rep. Tom Price (R-GA) as the next Secretary of Health and Human Services, and boy is this one ever a beaut!


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Here’s How the Major Disciplines of Physics Are All Connected to Each Other

The neat thing about science is that everything we learn turns out to be interconnected. The more we discover, the better all the pieces appear to fit together.


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How Would Different Religious Groups React to the Discovery of Alien Life?

Astronomy professor David A. Weintraub, writing for Nautilus, explains how various religious groups would react if we were ever to discover extraterrestrial life.


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