Listen in on a Long Conversation Between Neil deGrasse Tyson and Richard Dawkins

Neil deGrasse Tyson and Richard Dawkins discussing religion and science for 80 minutes?

Yes, please.

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How Point Mutations Work

How does new genetic information evolve?

The team at Stated Clearly just posted the first of two videos answering that question. This one focuses on point mutations:

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Religious Crackpots Interpret Cool “Blood Moon” Eclipse as Sign of the Apocalypse

Will the world end when an eclipse turns the moon blood red in parts of the world this month? Fringe groups of Messianic Jews and evangelical Christians aren’t sure, but they believe “something will probably happen” when the Super Blood Moon arrives on the night of September 27-28.

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Saudi Arabia Bans National Geographic Issue Featuring Pope Francis “For Cultural Reasons”

National Geographic‘s August issue, normally translated into Arabic for a Saudi Arabian audience, hasn’t been published in the country. No official statement was given, except for this tweet from the chief editor on the magazine’s Twitter account:

It says:

Dear readers in Saudi Arabia, we apologize for you not obtaining August’s magazine. According to the publishing company, the magazine was denied entry for cultural reasons.

Chief Editor

Check out the cover and you can take a guess what those “cultural reasons” are:

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This Must Be What Neil deGrasse Tyson is Like When the Cameras Are Off

If you missed last night’s Key & Peele, you missed a trifecta of short sketches in which Neil deGrasse Tyson (played by Jordan Peele) was accused by his wife of not walking the dog, being late for a funeral, and having lipstick on his shirt… forcing him to make excuses invoking science and special effects.

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