Governor Bobby Jindal is Smarter Than the Republican Party Will Allow Him to Be

Even though Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal was in the news yesterday for saying he would sign an executive order allowing (some) faith-based discrimination against LGBT people, Zack Kopplin reminds us that Jindal also has it out for science education.

But Kopplin points out that his family knew Jindal for years. Kopplin even attended the same school as Jindal’s kids. On paper, this is not a governor who should be supporting Creationism. It’s clearly a political move:

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Jerry Coyne’s New Book Explains Why Science and Religion Can’t Go Together

Are science and religion compatible? Stephen Jay Gould famously wrote that they were separate ideas, calling them “non-overlapping magisteria.”

The problem with that characterization is that religion, all too often, makes claims that are easily rejected by science: Miracles, resurrection, Young Earth Creationism, etc. These two worlds cross paths all the time — and science is always the winner.

Jerry Coyne‘s new book offers an expanded rejection of Gould’s theory. It’s called Faith Versus Fact: Why Science and Religion Are Incompatible (Viking, 2015).

In the excerpt below, Coyne lays out the major differences between the “magisteria”:

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Bill Nye, the Science Guy is Now Available on Netflix

I suspect many of you will be thrilled to learn that Season 1 of Bill Nye, the Science Guy (the TV show from the 1990s, for those of you too young to experience quality television) is now available on Netflix:

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An Atheist Interviewed a Creationist from Answers in Genesis… and the Conversation is Fascinating

To the frustration of many of you (as you’ve expressed to me many times over), I’m a huge proponent of talking to people you disagree with — even when you actively work against each other. Especially when you actively work against each other, if for no other reason than it’s easy to create a straw man version of your opponents and you never want to do that. You want to make sure you’re opposing things they really believe. And when they’re willing to have a conversation with you, and when you can get inside their heads and find out why they think the way they do, you should take that opportunity.

It’s possible you learn nothing new. But maybe they become a little more “human” and you can better understand where they’re coming from. Ultimately, that helps us stay on focus with our own activism.

That’s why we’ve talked to several people we might consider to be cultural opponents on the podcast. It’s just more interesting to me than talking to atheists who agree with us all the time.

That’s also why I have to applaud what the Miami Valley Skeptics have done.

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Why Science and Religion Are Not Compatible

The video below, part of The Atheist Voice series, discusses why science and religion are not compatible.

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