Guess Who Ken Ham Wants to Debate Now…?

Ken Ham is furious that Pat Robertson said “you have to be deaf, dumb, and blind to think that this Earth that we live in only has 6,000 years of existence” on his show the other night.

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Biblical Language Taken Out of Bill to Make the Wooly Mammoth South Carolina’s Official State Fossil

It’s the story that never seems to end. But there may finally be a happy ending.

Earlier this year, third-grader Olivia McConnell wrote to her state representatives asking them to make the Wooly Mammoth South Carolina’s official state fossil.

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Pat Robertson: “You Have to be Deaf, Dumb, and Blind” to be a Young Earth Creationist

Every now and then, Pat Robertson gets it right, reaffirming that old adage about a stopped clock. On today’s 700 Club, Robertson set a man straight after he asked a strange question about the timeline of human evolution: … I appreciate the fact that you’re trying to grapple with it… the truth is, you have [Read More...]

This is What a Debate on Climate Change Should Look Like

We shouldn’t be having a “debate” on climate change because there is no debate on man’s impact on our climate — at least according to the experts. If you ask random people who don’t know any better, of course you’ll get a distorted view of reality.

John Oliver was kind enough to show us what a mathematically representative debate over climate change would look like on Last Week Tonight:

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Bryan Fischer: “Evolution Cannot Possibly Be True” and the Bible Proves It!

It’s no surprise that a conservative Christian like Bryan Fischer doesn’t accept basic science, but his Bible-based explanation of why evolution is a hoax is downright hilarious because of how seriously he believes it.

It begins at the 5:04 mark below:

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