‘Cosmos’ for Creationists (Episode 2)

Once again, we have the abbreviated Creationist version of the latest episode of Cosmos :)

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How Bill Nye Changed the World

His questionable decision to debate Creationist Ken Ham notwithstanding, here’s an excellent video of how Bill Nye became “the Science Guy”:

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Feeling Curious about a Particle Physicist Who’s Also a Priest? Ask Him a Question!

A priest and a physicist walk into a bar… and it’s the same guy. Possibly minus the bar part, such is life for John Cunningham, S.J., Ph.D., an associate professor of physics (and chair of the physics department) at Loyola University in Chicago. His bio says that his research interests focus on experimental particle and astrophysics, [Read More...]

Yep, That’s Usually How Science vs. Religion Debates Go

(via The Far Left Side)

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Creationist Claims That Scientists ‘Don’t Know Much About Evolution’ and Simply Accept it on Faith

Creationist Jay Seegert of the Creation Education Center appeared on Creation Today to talk about Creationism. (Got all that?)

His revelation may take some of you by surprise: Apparently, scientists don’t really understand evolution. They just assume other scientists do understand it and therefore take evolution on faith.

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