If the Answers Are in Genesis, the Questions Must Be Awful

Linda xo would like to apologize, on behalf of all Australians, for bringing us Ken Ham.

Because there are no answers in Genesis, just ancient stories gullible people still believe.

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Putting Six Degrees of Separation to the Test

Is there any truth to the “six degrees of separation” idea?

Let’s find out!

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Big Bang Theory Actress Claims She Receives Hatred and Threats for Her Faith

Actress, neuroscientist, and admitted anti-vaxxer (we’ll get to that in a minute) Mayim Bialik, best known for her roles on Blossom and The Big Bang Theory, told Fox News her identity as a Jewish woman puts her outside of trendy Hollywood circles.

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A Statistically Significant Conclusion Isn’t Always an Accurate One

If you’re unfamiliar with how science publishing works, and how easily it could be manipulated (even by researchers who have only good intentions), you should check out this great piece by Christie Aschwanden at FiveThirtyEight.

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Horses Smile, So Evolution is a Lie, Says Creationist Ken Ham

New research published in PLoS ONE says that horses have a variety of facial expressions (even if they’re not all distinctive to us) and use them when communicating with other horses.

Creationist Ken Ham knows why that is: Because God created horses. (Obviously.)

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