Fill Out Your Bracket for the Most Anti-Church/State Separation Bills in America

The Secular Coalition for America is once again taking 16 state bills that promote religion through the government and pitting them against each other in a March Madness-like tournament to determine the “Worst State Bill” in the country.

Bad Bill Madness Bracket

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The Atheist Lobby’s Leader in Washington Reflects on His First Year in the Position

It was just over a year ago that Larry T. Decker, a self-described “unaffiliated Christian” at the time, became the new Executive Director for the Secular Coalition for America, a lobbying group representing atheists on Capitol Hill. I spoke with him about the organization, what he’s learned, and what lies ahead for atheists interested in having a seat at the table in politics.


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Atheist Lobbying Group Releases Third Party Presidential Scorecard: Jill Stein: A, Gary Johnson: B

Last month, the Secular Coalition for American released their scorecard on the major party presidential candidates. Hillary Clinton earned an “A” on their church/state separation issues, while Donald Trump failed miserably.

Now it’s the third party candidates’ turn. The SCA looked at the positions of the Libertarian Party’s Gary Johnson and the Green Party’s Dr. Jill Stein and gave them grades of “B” and “A,” respectively.


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Atheist Lobbying Group Releases Presidential Scorecard: Hillary Clinton: A, Donald Trump: F

The Secular Coalition for America has released its presidential scorecard, grading the candidates based on their responses to issues dealing with church/state separation, respect for atheists, and science policy.

It turns out the wall of separation between church and state is the only wall Trump doesn’t want to build. He received a failing grade. Clinton, on the other hand, earned an “A.”


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Atheist Group Names Worst State Bill in Nation; It Allows Church Members to Kill Potential Threats

Earlier this month, the Secular Coalition for America announced a bracket with 16 state bills promoting religion through the government. Over several days, voters could choose the “Worst State Bill.”

Bad Bill Madness Bracket final

Today, they announced the winner: Mississippi’s House Bill 786.

Officially known as the “Mississippi Church Protection Act,” it would allow churches to create a security team with lethal power in order to kill possible intruders. Members of that team would then be “immune from civil liability” in case anything went wrong.

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