One More Elected Atheist Comes Out in Public

Last month, Congressman Pete Stark (D-California) made history when he came out publicly as the first non-theistic, elected official. He did this at the prompting of the Secular Coalition for America, which had run a contest asking people to nominate the highest-ranking such official. At the time, the “second place” winner was a school board [Read More…]

Atheists Argue About AP Article

A couple days ago, an article discussing the upcoming The New Humanism conference at Harvard circulated through the Associated Press wire. The story was picked up by many papers, including the Washington Post, the New York Times, and the Guardian. This was personally exciting if for no other reason that the Secular Student Alliance that [Read More…]

Secular Coalition Contest Winner

After all that has been written about Congressman Pete Stark‘s coming out as a nontheist, the one thing that was left out was who actually won the Secular Coalition for America’s contest. Who nominated Pete Stark as the highest ranking, elected, nontheistic public official? In fact, two people had nominated Stark, and since this wasn’t [Read More…]

What Exactly IS Congressman Stark?

There are a lot of guessing games going on as to what “nontheist” actually means. In Congressman Pete Stark‘s case, here’s what happened: When the Secular Coalition for America wrote to him, he filled in the choice that read: “I am a nontheist* and describe myself as: _________________. I also agree to allow the Secular [Read More…]

Behind the Scenes of Congressman Pete Stark’s Announcement

On Monday, March 12, the Secular Coalition for America announced that Congressman Pete Stark (D-CA) is the first openly nontheistic congressperson in history. Congressman Stark has served in Congress for California’s 13th District since 1973. He is currently a senior member of the Ways and Means Committee and the Chairman of its Health Subcommittee. He [Read More…]