If You’d Like to Help Create the Secular Coalition for Illinois…

The Secular Coalition for America is trying to begin a chapter in Illinois and they had limited participation the last time they had a call for those interested in building it. So they’re trying again this Saturday. If you want to help lead or volunteer with this organization, we need you to call in. All [Read More...]

A French Expatriate’s Article on Atheists in America

This is a guest post by Hélène Crié-Wiesner. She is a French expat living in North Carolina and this article was originally published in Long Cours, a French-language magazine filled with unique, lengthy dispatches from reporters based all around the world.

Note: All URLs below are my own additions, because I thought they’d be helpful. Portions of the translated piece have been edited for clarity. [Read more...]

Shades of Black Atheism #1: Lauren Anderson Youngblood

Lauren Anderson Youngblood is the Communications Manager for the Secular Coalition for America. I’ve started this series with her for very specific reasons:

  1. She is one of only a handful of black atheists in a paid position within a national atheist organization.
  2. Her story and background are not what you’d expect to hear from a black atheist.
  3. Her education, experience, family and employment would make her an ideal speaker at a convention and yet she’s never been asked to speak.

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A Reminder That Working Together Has Its Benefits

Herb Silverman‘s remembrance of Paul Kurtz is a mix of reverence and respectful criticism. It touches on some of the behind-the-scenes conflicts that seem petty in retrospect but were (unfortunately) very big issues at the time: [Read more...]