After Her Godless Invocation, AZ State Rep. “Only Had Positive Feedback” Online

AZ State Rep. Athena Salman says she received overwhelmingly positive feedback after delivering her secular invocation earlier this year.


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The Waverly (IA) City Council Finally Adopted an Inclusive Invocation Policy

Because of the tenacity of Justin Scott and the Eastern Iowa Atheists, the Waverly City Council is finally changing its Mayor-led, Christian-only invocation policy.


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Maine Senate Approves, Then Rejects, Atheist’s Invocation Request Without Explanation

Why did the Maine Senate say no to this invocation written by an atheist? It’s quite possibly the least controversial statement you’ll ever read.


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An Atheist’s Godless Invocation in Eustis (FL) is “Corrected” By a Commissioner’s Christian Prayer

If this Commission wants to have invocations at meetings, they can’t institute a secret rule that all speakers must refer to Jesus or else.


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After AZ Legislator Rebuked for Atheist Invocation, Minister Gives Secular Prayer in Solidarity

“Certain House members were happy to rebuke a person who is young, female, humanist, and a member of a racial minority. But when a white male clergyperson from a mainline church breaks the rules, I get a pass.”


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