Song-and-Dance Satanic Prayer in Pensacola (FL) Temporarily Disrupted by Angry Christians

Last night, at a meeting of the Pensacola City Council in Florida, members of the United Methodist Church of Pace tried everything they could to stop The Satanic Temple’s David Suhor from speaking. They interrupted him by singing the Lord’s Prayer multiple times in an effort to drown him out… but it didn’t work. The Christians were eventually told to be quiet or leave — some were kicked out — until Suhor had the floor to himself so he could sing his Satanic hymn.


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Florida Satanist Invites “Forces of Darkness” to Bestow Power on Town Commission During Invocation

Last night, Satanist Chaz Stevens delivered the invocation at a meeting of the Lauderdale-By-The-Sea (Florida) Town Commission with “Twerking Deacon of Sin” Stormie Pollard at his side. The speech was as memorable as you’d expect.


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To Prevent Satanist from Speaking, Pensacola (FL) City Council May Eliminate Invocations Entirely

David Suhor is scheduled to deliver an invocation at the Pensacola City Council meeting on July 14 — on behalf of The Satanic Temple. It’s so off-putting for council members that they’re now planning a special meeting on July 7 to figure out how to deal with him, and they may just eliminate invocations completely rather than listen to him speak.

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For Arbitrary Reason, Scottsdale (AZ) City Officials Kick Satanists Off Invocation Speakers List

In Scottsdale, Arizona, members of The Satanic Temple were slated to give the opening invocation for the city council on April 5. When a logistical issue forced the Satanists to request an alternate date, they chose July 6.

But now that may not be happening either. I guess city officials finally realized that Satanists were taking advantage of the open platform.


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After Atheist Delivers Invocation in Waterloo, Iowa, Mayor Signs “Day of Reason” Proclamation

Justin Scott, the Iowan who did a fantastic job earlier this year of getting presidential candidates on the record about their views on atheists and church/state separation, gave the first-ever atheist invocation in the city of Waterloo last night.

You can watch it at the 18:58 mark below:


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