I’ll Be Speaking at The Ohio State University Next Week

For anyone near Columbus, I’ll be giving a talk next week about the changing demographics of atheism and what that means for our future at (The) Ohio State University.


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Come Celebrate “Openly Secular Day” With Me in Madison, Wisconsin This Tuesday

This Tuesday night, I’ll be speaking in Madison, Wisconsin as part of an “Openly Secular Day” event along with comedian Julia Sweeney and Freedom From Religion Foundation attorney Rebecca Markert.


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The Secular Student Alliance is Looking for a New Executive Director

The Secular Student Alliance is looking for a new Executive Director now that the previous one is stepping down after more than a decade and a half in the position, and they just released the job description.


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In Madison, “Graveyard of the Gods” Asks Students When Their Theology Will Become Mythology

As they do every year, the Atheists, Humanists, and Agnostics at the University of Wisconsin–Madison put together a fantastic “Graveyard of the Gods,” reminding students of all the deities who were worshiped, believed in, and eventually forgotten.

The purpose is to get students thinking about when their God will join the ranks of the dead.


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This is What Happened in Texas When College Students Bid on Where Atheists Should Attend Church

Where should atheists attend church? That’s what one college atheist group wanted to know, so they put out several jars listing various religious denominations (along with a representative church) and asked for donations. The jar with the most money would dictate which church they attended.


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