Number of Teenage Atheists in Canada Is Going Up!

Canadians can be optimistic about this statistic (hey, I rhyme!): Teens who said they definitely believed in God, or a higher power, went from 54% to 37%, from 1984 to 2008, while the number of atheists rose from 6% to 16%. The number of teens that remained uncertain about God stayed at 31%. In an [Read More…]

In Pittsburgh Tonight!

You know you have no other plans for Good Friday. So come see me speak in Pittsburgh! (Plus, it’s a free talk and you get pasta!) It’s the best Friday night *ever* Date: Friday, April 10 School: Carnegie Mellon University Sponsoring group: Carnegie Mellon AHA: Atheists, Humanists & Agnostics Time/place: 6:00 – 9:00 p.m. in [Read More…]

Atheists Are Taking Over the Streets

We’re already taking over buses. It only makes sense that atheists begin to adopt the streets those buses could drive on The Atheist Longhorns at the University of Texas at Austin have been doing their part to keep the city clean — nice! Are there other atheist groups out there who are adopting streets or [Read More…]

Not Every Pitt Student

Campus Crusade for Christ does this sort of thing a lot. They start a meme, tell their affiliates to spread it, and next thing you know, it’s all over campus. It always seems to be a trojan horse. CCC knows if they used their group’s name or the name of Jesus, people will be turned [Read More…]

Speaking Tour Reviews: Days 3-5

I’m finally back home after trips to Indiana and California. The last of the writeups are also in! They say positive things along with some constructive criticism. Akusai at Action Skeptics has both a short and long review: Short version: Hemant was funny, personable, and an extremely talented speaker. While my irascible, sarcastic nature causes [Read More…]