Not Every Pitt Student

Campus Crusade for Christ does this sort of thing a lot. They start a meme, tell their affiliates to spread it, and next thing you know, it’s all over campus. It always seems to be a trojan horse. CCC knows if they used their group’s name or the name of Jesus, people will be turned [Read More…]

Speaking Tour Reviews: Days 3-5

I’m finally back home after trips to Indiana and California. The last of the writeups are also in! They say positive things along with some constructive criticism. Akusai at Action Skeptics has both a short and long review: Short version: Hemant was funny, personable, and an extremely talented speaker. While my irascible, sarcastic nature causes [Read More…]

Spend Good Friday with Me in Pittsburgh!

I’ll be giving a talk at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh next week! What better way to spend Good Friday than with the atheists? Here’s the info: Date: Friday, April 10 School: Carnegie Mellon University Sponsoring group: Carnegie Mellon AHA: Atheists, Humanists & Agnostics Time/place: 6:00 – 9:00 p.m. in UC McConomy (Reception in UC [Read More…]

Why Are College Atheist Groups Important?

Why are college atheist groups important? Because their members will take a stand when no one else can/will. Ashley Rose Mockett is the founder of the Free-Thinkers Club at Saddleback College (in California). She received a scholarship to attend the school and was surprised by what she found at the ceremony to honor scholarship recipients: [Read More…]

Update: Duped on the Religion Panel Discussion

Looks like there’s a happy resolution to atheist Jennifer‘s situation in which she felt she was duped into speaking on a religion panel with no preparation, while the religious people on the panel seemed well-prepared and polished. [Read more…]