How Do You Get Atheists To Attend Your Meetings?

It’s always difficult, whether you run a college atheist group or an off-campus local one, to get people to attend meetings. It’s even harder to keep them coming back for more. The Secular Student Alliance’s Campus Organizer, Lyz Liddell, offers suggestions on what atheist groups can do to get bodies in the seats! The full [Read More…]

Are You Hosting an Atheist Speaker Anytime Soon?

If you’re the leader of a college atheist group or an off-campus local group, you’ve almost certainly faced the daunting task of hosting a speaker and trying to make the event a success. It’s always difficult to make sure you’ve done everything needed to plan, publicize, and put on the event. Instead of re-inventing the [Read More…]

Best Methods for a Campus Atheist Group?

happycynic wants to start an atheist group at his college. The atheists he knows are a mixture of militant and not-so-offensive. Some people are agnostics, some are skeptics, some are Pastafarians. Not everyone has the same agenda. Some want to debate. Some want to actively promote non-theism. Some just a group for the social aspects. [Read More…]

How Do You Keep the Atheist Group Momentum Going?

Reader Samuel is a leader of the Agnostic & Atheist Student Association (AgASA) at the University of California Davis. Friday night, Dan Barker — author of Godless: How an Evangelical Preacher Became One of America’s Leading Atheists — spoke to the group. It was a successful event and Samuel is facing a wonderful problem: … [Read More…]

Atheism at Wheaton College

Last year, I wrote about an anonymous girl who became an atheist while she was a student at (evangelical Christian) Wheaton College. She has since graduated. One of the people she met along her journey is writing a book about student culture at Wheaton and he has an entire chapter about our anonymous girl. The [Read More…]